Former Rutgers prof who wanted someone to shoot Trump whines about being fired, protects tweets

Recently, we reported that Kevin Allred, a Rutgers professor (or should we say, former Rutgers professor) issued a tweet calling for someone to shoot President Trump.

“Trump is a f*****g joke,” he wrote. (We masked his language since this is, after all, a family friendly site, unlike liberals who seem incapable of making a point without dropping f-bombs.) He added: “this (sic) is all a sham. i (sic) wish someone would shoot him outright.”

Here’s the tweet, now deleted:

rutgers prof shoot trump

According to the College Fix:

Allred, who has a history of controversial tweets, was listed as an adjunct instructor in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies program at Montclair State University as recently as July 29, according to a screenshot of the university’s website.

His bio disappeared from Montclair’s website after The College Fix sought comment on his latest tweet. Allred did not respond to requests via email and direct message for comment.

After Allred tweeted his presidential assassination sentiments on Friday, he received reaction — and some backlash. He quickly deleted the tweet, but continued to defend it, asserting just 25 minutes later in a tweet: “saying you wish donald trump was dead is different than making a direct threat against him. just saying…”

It is not uncommon for Allred to tweet disdain for Trump. He has also stated on the social media platform that “Donald Trump is a traitor and a terrorist. Happy Saturday!” and “Donald Trump makes me ashamed to be a human being.”

On Tuesday, Twitchy reported that Montclair State apparently fired Allred before he even started teaching there … and he ranted about it on Twitter.

“FYI…Montclair State has fired me before I even started teaching there. congrats to the Trump trolls. but you’re still not special,” he said on Twitter.

“glad (sic) you all ❤️ Trump cuz in past 2 hours his ‘fans’ have called me ‘f**king faggot,’ ‘c**t’ & warned my throat wld get slit while i slept,” he added in another tweet that was either protected or deleted.

“this (sic) is not the f**king gross and politically regressive world i want to live in. trump’s (sic) base lashes out and everyone listens. disgusting (sic),” he added.

Twitchy responded: “You. Wished. Death. On. The. President.”

Worse yet, he lashed out at Trump supporters and essentially blamed them for his unhinged online rants.

He went on to blame conservatives for his firing.

“when (sic) universities cave to basic conservative political pressure like this, they’re firmly taking a side,” he said, obviously unaware that some colleges actually want professionals who teach, not unhinged Trump-haters who end up being taken to the psych ward for observation.

“& (sic) it’s funny cuz (sic) in my interview they were super excited about me being young, hip, and calling out power. guess (sic) not in practice, huh?” he asked.

Boo. Freaking. Hoo.

“everyone (sic) loves to be edgy in the abstract. when (sic) nothing is actually on the line,” he added.

Edgy? Abstract?  Let’s just review for those not familiar with his tweets.  Not only did he suggest someone shoot the president, he threatened Trump supporters with violence:

According to the New York Daily News:

In a tweet the day after Donald Trump was elected President, Allred warned: “If I see any Trump bumper stickers on the road today, my brakes will go out and I’ll run you off the road.”

Rutgers officials issued a statement saying the university was responding to a student complaint about Allred.

“The Rutgers University Police Department … took all appropriate action,” said Rutgers spokesman Jeffrey Tolvin. “We have no further comment.”

But there’s more, according to NBC New York:

One tweet posted on Tuesday showed an American flag being ignited. In another, he said “will the 2nd amendment be as cool when i buy a gun and start shooting atrandom white people or no…?”

Allred added that Rutgers police had told him they were unable to contact him but he had no missed calls or emails from the department.

He also tweeted that students should all participate in a walk-out planned for Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus in opposition of Trump’s election. Similar demonstrations were held across the country.

And, the College Fix said:

In 2015, Allred also tweeted that “until the entire system changes there are no good white people. There are only less bad white people.” He responded to The College Fix’s request for comment at the time by saying whiteness “plays an invisible role in dominating and oppressing everyone else. And I’m speaking about a U.S. context specifically here.”

Allred, by all appearances, happens to be white… Nice guy — just the sort we need indoctrinating our kids… (Not)

He wasn’t finished whining:

“this (sic) was all after they promised me work & had me spend weeks creating syllabi for classes they wanted me to teach. very (sic) classy, Montclair,” he said.

“you. will. not. break. me. down. you. will. not. win,” he added.

Personally, I would’ve fired this guy for not being able to post properly punctuated sentences on Twitter.  After all, if he doesn’t know enough to use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, he has no business teaching anyone.  But that’s just me.

Trump supporters basically cleaned his clock on Twitter:





Will Allred get the message?  Somehow, we doubt it…


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