Former Presidents Should Not Have to Disclose Previous Crimes, Says Hillary


Hillary Clinton was speaking at an NAACP meeting here in Charleston, South Carolina, when she said:

“Former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history.”

I guess that’s understandable for a presidential candidate that is currently under an FBI investigation.  Currently, she is already trying to hide her criminal history from liberal voters.  That’s not really hard, especially for that new pro Hillary group, “Hillary’s Lies Don’t Matter.”   

The truth is that while she did make that quote, what she meant to say is that:

“Former prisoners won’t have to declare their criminal history when they apply for a job.  That way, they’ll have a chance to be seen as more than just someone who’s done time.”

Now, I ask you, what could possibly go wrong with that?  Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen?  A day care center could hire a couple of pedophiles?  The local bank could hire an embezzler?  The local homeless women’s shelter hire a rapist or two?  The fire department could hire some arsonists?  A senior citizen’s hospital could hire someone who had previously poisoned a dozen members in another home?  Teachers who were fired for having sex with students would no longer find that an impediment for finding work?

Many people tell me that liberals always pass laws with unintended consequences.  I always answer, “Why do you think they are unintended?”


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