Former Bush CIA Director Goes Full Nutter In Rant Against MAGA Peeps, Vaccine Skeptics

How much does the establishment hate the ordinary American who doesn’t march to their tune? THIS much…

It was always hard to believe that Dubya and Trump belonged to the same party… especially for the Dubya holdovers. Most of those Beltway insiders could mix more comfortably with team Obama than they ever did the red-hat sporting crowd filling up auditoriums for POTUS 45.

Famously, Dubya didn’t vote for Trump. That seems about right since Trump passed far more conservative legislation than Dubya ever did.

With Biden holding the levers of power, Dubya-era establishment clowns are now emboldened to show their contempt for those of us who elected Trump — and their totalitarian streak, in the process.

A retired top US military general and former CIA chief sparked outrage over the weekend by comparing supporters of former President Donald Trump to the Taliban and calling a suggestion to send ‘the MAGA wearing unvaxxed’ to Afghanistan a ‘good idea.’ —DailyMail

Here are the posts he mentioned.

He made a long string of shots at Trump being too dumb to play Battleship, or Go fish, etc… despite Trump having had a fantastic run right up until the virus kicked the legs out of the global economy… and the various establishment interest groups came together to ‘fortify the election’. Not bad considering how much of the rest of the country’s power-brokers — media, social media, corporations, Hollywood, pro sports, academia, Wall Street — worked together in trying to oppose Trump and support Democrats at every turn.

Way to ‘bring America together’ with his steady string of social media licking Biden’s boots and taking cheap potshots at anyone who doesn’t believe in empowering the establishment. With guys like this in the supposedly ‘Republican’ administration, is it any wonder why Obama was emboldened to weaponize our government against Congress, against the press, and even using the IRS to neutralize non-profit political rival groups?

The photo he retweeted got deservedly dragged…

But there’s a larger point to be made.

This guy has no problem with untold hundreds or thousands of COVID-positive cases spilling over our border and scattering to various parts of the country, because he supports the open-borders policy. He doesn’t want to load any of those people on planes.

For him, the real problem is citizens who won’t dutifully march lockstep in doing the will of the government. This guy’s got his power balance backward.

Who ELSE would this guy want to see deported?

Well, he’ll definitely want to get rid of those lousy people with PhD’s …

People with PhDs recorded the highest level of vaccine skepticism among various education levels at 23.9%, with high school in second place at 20.8%.

There has been a universal assumption among many that education level negatively correlated with vaccine hesitancy – more educated people are more likely to receive the vaccine.

But researchers also found that within the first five months of 2021 the largest decrease in skepticism about getting the vaccine was among the least educated – those with a high school education or less.

By May, reluctance to get vaccinated held constant in the most educated group – those with PhDs.

‘Those with PhDs were the only education groups without a decrease in hesitancy,’ the paper read. —DailyMail

He might want to deport health care workers, too. Vaccine hesitancy was significant enough among that population that this blog post on how to counter that problem was written in April. From the article:

HCWs and rural Americans report that a sense of personal freedom informs their attitudes toward the COVID-19 vaccines.7,20 Clinicians are held to the standard of informed consent when recommending treatments to their patients, and while COVID-19 vaccination remains elective, it is understandable that HCWs prefer to make their own choices about it.3

And if he wants to deport the vaccine-hesitant, he must also be super excited to deport black people, too? Because a good chunk of America’s total vaccine hesitancy can be found among black Americans.

And her hesitancy is also rooted in the historical mistreatment of Black Americans by the US government and medical institutions – whether it was Henrietta Lacks’s stolen cells or the men in Tuskegee, Alabama, left untreated for syphilis in the name of research.

Centuries of such injustice have infused distrust in Black communities and have affected health, said Gail Christopher, executive director of the National Collaborative for Health Equity. –Guardian

So, General — how long have you been a bigot?

Hayden has become a creature of the swamp, and has long since forgotten that being a public servant means serving the public, and not having the public serve you. Needless to say, he endorsed Biden in 2020 … and has been working overtime in deflecting blame from Biden’s decisions to Trump and Pompeo.

If this guy wanted to wear jackboots, he should have joined some other country’s military. You’d think he’d learned his lesson from how he was treated by the Obama/Biden administration:

The FBI filed an application for a search warrant in 2012 for an email account belonging to Michael Hayden, former head of the National Security Agency and CIA, demonstrating the breadth of the Obama administration’s efforts to pursue leaks of classified information to the press. —Washington Examiner

The general may dream of a one-party state. But in America, there is still the freedom to freely associate, and that includes political parties.

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