FBI: Four Times More People Stabbed to Death Than Shot With Rifles

Whenever liberals start talking about gun control, one of the first lies they tell is that somehow rifles are the root of all evil, but a recent disclosure by the FBI says that four times as many people were stabbed to death than all the rifle deaths in the United States.  This is not the first time that actual crime statistics have blown up in Democrats’ faces.  But that doesn’t matter to them because they know their voters are sheep and will follow no matter how big the lie.

In 2016, 374 people were shot with rifles of any kind and 1,604 people were killed with knives or other cutting instruments, according to the FBI, as seen here.  Also in that chart, you will notice that 374 people were shot with rifles compared to 656 people who were beaten to death with hands and feet.  When will liberals ban hands and feet?

From Breitbart News

Table 12 also shows that more people were killed via the use of “hands, fists, feet, etc.,” than were killed by rifles of any kind. In fact, the tally shows that the death numbers were not even close. While approximately 374 people were shot and killed with rifles, roughly 656 people were beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.”

On September 26, 2016, Breitbart News reported similar gaps between rifle/shotgun homicides and stabbing homicides. UCR figures showed the number of people killed with rifles and shotguns combined in 2015 was approximately 548. Nearly three times that many — approximately 1,573 people — were stabbed or hacked to death.

This is not to diminish the deaths of those who did die via a rifle. But it does show that the Democrats’ relentless focus on banning “assault weapons” is a focus on something that is not used for homicide with anywhere near the frequency of knives and/or fists and feet.

So, was 2016 an outlier?  Not really.  In 2015, 3 times more people were stabbed to death than shot with rifles or shotguns and people killed by hands, fists and feet were double the number of people killed with long guns.

From The Daily Caller

The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report found that nearly three times more Americans were killed by knives or other “cutting instruments” than shot and killed by long guns.

According to the report, only 548 people were killed by rifles and shotguns combined in 2015.

On the other hand, 1,573 people were “stabbed or hacked to death,” Breitbart reports.

Furthermore, Breitbart found that twice as many people were bludgeoned to death than killed by rifles for the same year.

And truth be told, there are no new laws that would have prevented the shootings.  Even noted gun grabber Diane Feinstein was forced to admit that no law could have prevented the Las Vegas shootings.

And if you look at the cities and states with the strictest gun laws in America, they also have the highest crime rate.  The reason is very simple.  In blue states and municipalities liberals violently oppose gun ownership while also favoring criminals.

As the Washington Times reported in 2014, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted 25 percent fewer cases referred by the main law enforcement agency charged with reducing firearms violence across the country, according to a computer analysis of U.S. prosecution data.

We can only wonder why…


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