Facebook Caught Facilitating Human Smuggling! MORE THAN ILLEGAL….Amazon Bans Conservative Author’s Book — So He’s Giving It Away For Free: WHERE IS THE NEXUS?

IT should come as no surprise that one radical-aligned, mega behemoth after another seeks to upend America — albeit via highly treacherous, diverging modus operandi. For the record, but for the fact that anti-trust laws are currently nothing more than toothless, useless, and empty vessels for supposed legal redress, corp. giants would be unable to interfere with countless, heretofore constitutionally-protected, rights. But let’s not digress….

BOTTOM LINE: Before we segue to Facebook’s latest illegal smuggling (advert) operation, yes, illegal, know that AMAZON is banning conservative book after book from placement at its website! Effectively, it is hardly any different than actual book burning. Indeed.

IN this regard, this site gives props to Andrew Meyer — a conservative journalist and author — for refusing to back down, even after AMAZON banned his book! How so? Well….

Amazon Bans Conservative Author’s Book — So He’s Giving It Away For Free


The problems at the border continue to get worse, and the only solutions we seem to be getting from the Biden Administration would be passing the blame to Donald Trump. Why are the illegal crossings increasing? One reason might be due to the fact that the human smugglers – also called “coyotes” – are finding some rather creative means for advertising their criminal enterprises.

What makes these advertisements even more beyond the pale would have to be that the coyotes advertise these crossings as “100 percent safe” for “U.S.A. passage.” To sum it up, the coyotes will go along migratory routes that have become infamous for little children being separated from their parents just so other traffickers can help the adults across first.

No, the use of social media for human smugglers is not something new by any means. However, this practice is growing.

These human traffickers are often paid as much as thousands of dollars per migrant to sneak them across the U.S. border. This might come as a shock to you, but this means that these human traffickers are now turning to that well-known medium called Facebook to advertise their services.

“This practice of social media is fueling false hope and there is a growing number of migrants that are falling prey to misinformation regarding how the Biden Administration is going to welcome them, according to lawyers, immigration experts, and Department of Homeland Security officials,” a reporter from NBC News stated last Monday.

Indeed, NBC News found many Facebook posts regarding this practice. One Facebook ad in Spanish read, “Travel to Mexico to the United States. Costs $8,000. 100 percent safe. Cross through Matamoros. You walk for one hour, after in automobile until you arrive to your relative.”

Most of the posts located by NBC News had been found on various public social media groups, including Facebook pages with names such as “Migrants from Various Countries in Mexico” and “Migrants in the Mexico-U.S.A. Border Awaiting Hearing.” Of course, the news outlet might refer to these as Facebook pages, but there were many Facebook groups with similar functions as well.

There was yet another post from a human trafficker that read, “Make your dream of living in the United States a reality. We are here to help you. We have a safe and reliable journey, and the price will be $4,500 leaving from Monterrey and going to San Antonio, Texas.”

Additionally, there were plenty of posts from migrants themselves with messages such as “Would someone please help me go to the United States.” This particular migrant reportedly didn’t have to wait very long. Soon enough, he had plenty of offers from traffickers along with their WhatsApp numbers.

“It’s ready,” one reply read. “It will be 3,000 to go to the line and it will be 6,000 for jumping to your destination. Whatever state you want. We expect you to pay when your relatives will receive you.”

Of course, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been asked about this several times, with the latest one being when he was sitting before the House Energy and Commerce Committee last month.

“I’m referring to these coyotes who are using your platform,” Republican Rep. Buddy Carter said to Mr. Zuckerberg. “They are engaging in this illegal activity and it is resulting in horrible conditions for most of these people that are trying to cross the border.”

Zuckerberg replied that these ads were “against our policies” and “we are taking steps to remove them.” Well, well…I suppose it’s good to see that someone is at least taking this problem seriously! Unfortunately, this isn’t a situation where you can just put your finger in the dam and hope for the best. Due to the disastrous border policies of one Joseph Robinette Biden, that dam broke right after he took office.

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