Facebook backs down after unpublishing page for British political party

britainfirstFBIt seems Facebook’s efforts to instill Orwellian political correctness has gone global.  According to reports, the social media giant unpublished the page for Britain First, a right-of-center political party that is unapologetically patriotic and highly critical of the influx of refugees from the Middle East.

The move, according to the UK Independent, prompted the party to label Facebook “fascist” and threaten it with lawsuits.  Facebook backed down and restored the page.

The Independent added:

In a statement published on Britain First’s website, the far-right group said the supposed move by Facebook “means that our 1.1 million supporters have been denied freedom of speech and expression,” and said it has launched “an immediate legal fund to drag Facebook into court”.

After the page was restored, the Independent added, the party said it was in talks with the company to determine why it was removed in the first place.

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“We applaud Facebook for reversing their decision and yielding to common sense and fair play,” said a Britain First statement. “Our leftwing opponents went into temporary celebration when our page was closed down but now they are furious!”

Facebook claims it is investigating the matter.


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