Evil Harry Reid blames McConnell’s non-existent racist birtherism for rejection of Obama’s policies

EvilHarryReidOn Thursday morning, “Dingy” Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader our readers once said was both evil and mentally unstable, took to Twitter to spew his vile hate over social media, proving once again that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.

This time, he insuated that Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is a racist birther, and that is what’s keeping the GOP-led Senate from supporting Barack Obama’s policies — not the fact that Obama’s policies would have to improve to reek.

Of course, Reid’s false claim didn’t sit too well with many, some of whom reminded him that his party was in full control of the Senate for the first two years of Obama’s reign of terror.


Good question, but don’t expect Reid to respond…


One Reid supporter whined:

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So what?  They still had control, just not a super-majority.

It’s long past time for that.  McConnell may be a weasel, but a racist birther? Hardly.

How dare you inject facts into the discussion…

Others reminded Reid of who actually started the birther movement:

Shhhhh…. Don’t remind him…


Of course, the low-information left came out to support Reid:

Yes, Dingy Harry, please keep showing us how much you and the rest of your party are off the rocker.

Of course, we can expect Reid to continue fomenting hate over Obama’s SCOTUS pick, a man who is clearly the opposite of Antonin Scalia…


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