Epic fail: MSNBC tries to use Obamacare site on-air, gives up after site crashes, exchanges not working across country

obamacareimpactThe government may be shut down, but Obamacare rolls on.

On Tuesday, MSNBC tried to sign up on-air, but gave up after the site repeatedly crashed.  It seems — not surprisingly — that Obamacare isn’t quite ready for prime time.  Of course, we all knew it wouldn’t be…

Here’s video of the failed attempt:

That’s not the only example…

Kentucky’s exchange posted this:

Commonwealth of Kentucky citizens have shown tremendous response to KYNECT since we established our marketplace. The KYNECT Website is currently experiencing log in issues and our technical team is working to resolve the problem. While we work on resolving the problem please browse the KYNECT website to view Medicaid offerings, Health Insurance Plans, and other useful information. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Colorado’s site displayed this:

colorado-ocareAnd Connecticut’s displayed this:

connecticutNew York:

newyorkAnd the Obamacare site displayed this gobbledegook:

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ocaresiteMeanwhile, CNN said two-thirds of the exchanges are experiencing problems:

Naturally, Dingy Harry and the Democrats — who, by the way, are fomenting violence against conservatives and refusing to speak with Republicans — maintain that Americans will love Obamacare once it’s up and running…

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