Enough…We’ve Had Enough…Part 3 of 3

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen (RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS)

part3 coverThe man who toasts himself as a citizen of the world did NOT go to the Paris Unity March because NO one asked him to go or so he says… truth is he chose to stay in D.C. to watch the NFL playoffs instead.

And so as France continues to deal with the aftermath of the islamic terrorist attack that has set the world’s consciousness on fire…and while up to six islamic terrorists from the same cell that carried out last Wednesday’s targeted assassinations at the offices of Charlie Hebdo are running loose in Paris (with two others having been captured…one in Belgium and one in Turkey)…Twitter and other social media are exploding with calls to ban islam across Europe and here in the United States.

Social media is also ablaze with support for islamic terrorism and the islamic terrorists who carried out last week’s attack…NO big surprise there.

However, there are some clear certainties of which the truth must be told…islam is the enemy and islamic terror is on the rise. On the rise with NO terrorist organization being decimated regardless of what name they are going by this week and…most importantly…islam is a clear and present danger to these United States.

Sorry Obama…sorry liberals…but those are the simple facts and NO amount of sniveling…NO amount of appeasement…and NO amount of political correctness can alter those facts.

part3 2 generic terrorists use this oneIslam is islam and facts are facts.

As for the danger posed by islam and likely future attacks here at home, there are two other facts which bear telling and they are these…first, Obama is allowing these people to come here based upon the 1951 Human Rights Convention (UNHCR)…the United Nations Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Status of Refugees and Stateless Persons…and second, based upon the 18-month extension to March 2015 of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syrians, Obama is expediting plans to bring the first 9,000 of his agreed to 70,000 (NOT 30,000 as being reported by the msm) so-called ‘refugees’ to the U.S. as per the UNHCR’s global Comprehensive Plan of Action’s (CPA) mandated number of Syrians we must take in over the next five years. And he is renewing the status of 2,600 Syrians already here as well because, supposedly, the Middle East is ‘full up’ and does NOT have the room to absorb them.

And why NOT as after all the U.S. in total comprises some 3.80 million square miles while the Arab world (comprised of 24 countries and territories) stretches across more than 5 million square miles…an area larger than Europe, Canada, China, the United States or Brazil. In other words the Arab world is close to double in size of the U.S…with most of their lands basically unpopulated…yet they claim they have NO room for their own brethren.

And now ‘refugees’ hand-picked by none other than the UN…the above mentioned Syrian ‘refugees’…. the same Syrians that Obama and his regime have been arming…as in the Syrian ‘rebels’ who have turned out to be al-Qaeda and ISIS operatives…is whom Obama is hurrying up the paperwork to bring into our country.

part3 gun in tent campAnd he’s bringing these 9,000 Syrian ‘refugees’ to America to do what…disburse them throughout our country is what…to disburse them to ‘sleep’… to be awoken on command for how many of those first 9,000 ‘refugees’ have ties to islamic terrorism…nobody knows, but being that such ties run deep within islamic culture one can easily and rightfully assume that a good many of those 9,000 are NOT interested in blending into our culture…are NOT interested in blending into the fabric of our American society.

The right of asylum…especially political asylum…is recognized by the U.S. as per international and federal law. Since World War II, more refugees have come to the U.S…more than any other country…with two+ million being allowed in since 1980. During the 1990s, 100,000 political refugees per year were allowed into our country, and in the first ten years of this century we allowed in 50,000 per year. However, before the 9/11 attacks…with 86,400 refugees being allowed in within 2001 alone… individual refugee seekers were evaluated in private proceedings at the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS). But in the years after 9/11 individual proceedings were discontinued because it was NOT the ‘politically correct’ thing to do…thus taking away the chance of us placing a permanent ban on almost all the entirety of muslim immigration into our country.

What’s happening is that Obama is using a decade’s old deal with the United Nations to play upon liberal sympathies and political correctness to import potential jihadis disguised as ‘refugees,’ from Syria…a country rife with terrorist training camps and is the home base of ISIS…into America. And according to Eric Holder, when it comes to sleeper cells on our soil, “We are constantly looking at those people but we don’t stereotype.”

Keeping an eye on them the same way he kept an eye on ‘Fast and Furious’ weapons and the same way he has kept an eye on the tsunami of illegal aliens flooding across our borders one suspects.

part3 un observersPerhaps the regime is keeping the same watchful eye on sleeper cells in America that they have kept on the some 69,000 illegal alien criminals released from our prison systems but just remember…”we don’t stereotype” or, in other words…we don’t lump groups together to make a determination regarding their status…that will come back into play as you read further into this article.

Just as Obama knew full well that the ‘rebels’ from Libya were in fact jihadis while telling us all they were something else…he knows that the ‘rebels’ from Syria are jihadis all while telling us they too are something else…so why would we have any reason to believe these ‘refugees’ are different than the ‘rebels…we should NOT.

Here’s something else that Obama knows and you SHOULD know…refugee status is determined and controlled by the Department of State which means that Congress has NO say in the matter and Obama’s regime, more specifically, John Kerry who answers to Obama, is the last word in bringing these ‘refugees’ to American soil and there’s seemingly..seemingly…NOTHING Congress can do to stop it.

part3 homeland securitySo, other than the Department of State…who else is running this scam? Well, the Department of Homeland Security…that’s who is in charge of the vetting process for these ‘refugees’ and in light of the recent release of the House Oversight Committee’s report on the DHS…an organization spending billions of dollars and providing zero tangible results…what could possibly go wrong?

Here’s yet another piece of this disastrous puzzle…where we used to have the ability to employ our intel community to assist in sorting out the good guys from the bad…Obama has also rendered that process asunder through a concentrated effort to make them untrustworthy to those who used to feed them important intel from the worst places on earth. Thus, it will, in fact, take decades to repair the damage done by the Obama regime to our intel community in the eyes of the world and time is something we do NOT have.

According to a report compiled by the Boston University School of Law…

“Currently, with three million refugees from Syria outside their home territory resettlement can only be a partial solution restricted as it is to only the most exceptional opportunities for the most vulnerable individuals. Countries outside the current host region must begin considering much more open policies to allow at least partial integration of Syrians into their states, both to alleviate the burden on current host countries, and to prevent the inevitable unfolding of an even greater humanitarian and security crisis than is already occurring.”

part3 mapAhhh…there’s a dirty little secret right there…as in three million of these ‘refugees’ have already been resettled outside their ‘home territory’ but their current host countries…where the cultural differences are minimal…don’t want them.

And why? Because, along with costing those countries a boat load of money there is an already occurring security crisis connected to those ‘refugees,’ and the U.N. believes the costs and the security crisis which follows these ‘refugees’ should be absorbed and hosted by the United States.

So…remember that Holder statement…”we don’t stereotype”…well…as it turns out…that is exactly what the Obama regime is doing in order to circumvent existing laws to bring upwards of 70,000 potential threats to the U.S. and here is the other dirty little secret Obama would rather you NOT know.

part3 rebels admitPlaced into US immigration laws under the ‘material support to terrorism,’ ‘terrorist organizations,’ and ‘terrorist activity’ grounds are provisions barring admission into the U.S. that prevent resettlement of persons who have any connection NO matter how minute to terrorism, or whose connection is inadvertent or coerced. These definitions apply to any person who was involved in armed conflict inadvertently, or who gave any form of actual or inchoate support to someone who was involved in such a way. And this applies to anyone who was involved in fighting with an armed opposition group, or who supported such a group in any way, including soliciting funds for them, and goes so far as to exclude family members of persons who provided such ‘material support.’ Thus, these provisions within our immigration laws actually prevent the majority of those Obama intends to bring to and resettle here yet he is willingly and willfully ignoring U.S. laws and provisions in favor of U.N. mandates.

Now putting what amounts to waivers on terrorists and to those whom he deems to be ‘former’ terrorists, what Obama does NOT get is that to change current immigration laws requires amendments to the underlying statutory definitions of terrorists and terrorist activities, and to date NO such thing has been done.

So while Obama continues to play checkers with terrorists Vladimir Putin is playing three-dimensional chess. Think what you will of the ‘Russian Bear’ but Putin, a statist, is protecting his country from the very ones out to destroy ours by NOT bowing to the U.N. and accepting Syrian islamic so-called ‘refugees.’ Having dealt with these people in his own country, Putin fully understands the clear and present danger inherent within this populace. And he is willing to stereotype…culturally profile if you will….to add yet another layer of security to his nation all while Obama continues to strip off layers of security from ours.

part3 obama admitsAnd the bottom line remains, as it has for the past six years, America has a president who clearly and maliciously sides with those out to kill us all. Sadly, this will continue because we have a Congress without the fortitude or courage to take this traitor on. So, the only option we have…and only if it’s NOT too late…is to completely overhaul our nation’s leadership from top to bottom in 2016. Electing a Republican to the presidency must now be our number one priority, and while retaking Congress last November was a step in the right direction it must be understood that what is currently happening with the Syrian so-called ‘refugees’ is a Department of State operation, and to change how the Department of State operates we need to change its control from Democratic to Republican. What we need in 2016 is a quantum leap of securing both Houses and the Executive Branch so as to completely rework how our government functions NOT only as representatives of ‘We the People’ but also how our government is perceived on the world stage. We must regain our number one super power status as well as re-establish American exceptionalism both here at home and throughout the world.

Our beloved Ronald Reagan said it best when he said America is a “shining city on the hill”…unfortunately under the Obama regime America has been relegated to a mockery of its former self and the only thing that will change that is a total about face in command at all three levels of our government. As 2016 fast approaches we may NOT all agree on who our nominee for president should be, however, once a nominee is chosen we must throw all of our support to that person, because splitting our vote will allow any liberal candidate to finish the destruction of our country that Obama has started.

So, as Paris slowly gets back to the now ‘new’ normal we here in America must learn the harsh reality that what happened there but a short week ago will indeed happen here because we have a president who still refuses to say the words ‘islamic terrorism.’


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