Donna Brazile: Video of Hillary collapsing sparked concern she might have to be replaced

While discussing her new book, “Hacks,” former interim DNC head Donna Brazile told talk show host Hugh Hewitt that the viral video of Hillary Clinton collapsing at a September 11, 2016 event in New York City, sparked concern that she might have to be replaced as the Democrat Party nominee for the White House.

“You know, when I was talking to the staff people early that morning, they kept telling me well, she’s overheated. I said you don’t say that. You never say that about a woman being overheated. That’s just sexist jargon,” she told Hewitt.

“I said what’s wrong with her. I saw her on Friday night. She’s under the weather. What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong. Go get a doctor and make a good analysis. When she came out and smiled and looked at the little girl, I’m like okay, I had hoped that a doctor would have come out with her. I don’t think they knew at the time that video would go viral, and that video would tell a different story.”

She added: “And as a result of that video going viral, I had to make a very difficult decision. I had to confer with people who were calling me about what if, what if. And luckily, we never got to that. But I did have to think through what if she did not recover.”

Hewitt asked if she conferred with former Secretary of State John Kerry or former Vice President Al Gore.

Brazile said she “saw John Kerry on multiple occasions” but never spoke to him.  Nor did she speak with Gore.

“Well, no, I would turn to President Obama, because he was the highest-ranking Democrat,” she said. “I would talk to, of course, Leader Pelosi as well as Mr. Schumer. I would talk to Joe Biden, because he was the vice president. And of course, I would confer with my colleagues on the Democratic National Committee. That’s the charter. That’s the bylaws. The good news is that Secretary Clinton got back up. She went back out to California. She competed very well in the debate.”

Brazile also blamed Clinton’s health for denigrating half the electorate as belonging in a “basket of deplorables.”

“Well, I thought that night, I was in New York with her, I could tell from her mannerisms just a few minutes before that she was under the weather,” Brazile said. “She wasn’t feeling good. Despite that, I think she went ahead and did her very best given the significant headwind that she faced.

“It’s time, I mean, look, we had two candidates that often traded insults against one another, let alone, you know, said things that probably they regret. But overall, I believe that had this election cycle been different, we would have seen a different result. And when I say different, I mean it was explosive. I mean, I was out there most of the time as an analyst, and it was just explosive. It was a year of anti-establishment. She came ahead with the popular vote, he won the Electoral College. You know, 2020 is going to be a different election season, and I already feel it with some of the results that we saw this year,” she added.

Clinton’s health, as we reported several times, was a major issue in the campaign.  Her collapse on 9/11 certainly didn’t help alleviate those concerns.

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The pro-Clinton media — especially CNN — characterized her collapse as “stumbling.”


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