Donetsk under Attack by Ukrainian Government [Video]

Donetsk under Attack by Ukrainian GovernmentMultiple artillery shells shook a sector of eastern Ukraine, in Donetsk, on Thursday, the fifth day of escalated fighting between government troops and Russia-backed separatist rebels.

Two Ukrainian troops were killed overnight and 10 others wounded, the government said and rebels said one of their fighters was killed.

News Front Reported:

Armed Forces of Ukraine for several days of shelling Donetsk all the prohibited weapons. At gunpoint Kiev were punitive frontal region of Donetsk.

“A strong attack on all fronts ! At 22:05 a powerful explosion, presumably arriving -You points (or undermining warehouse BC). Kiev and Gvardeyka- arrivals! Very loud. Something is burning near ATB- Beefeaters. From the side street. Artem column of smoke! In Donetsk under fire in the APU w. Zasyadko hit car MOE DNI. NMN-old Avdiyivka battle continues. Flying Grads and self-propelled guns, large. APU opened massive fire on all fronts! Under fire Makiyivka, Donetsk, Gorlovka, Novoazovskiy area “, – wrote in the network.

Messages from the residents: “On the Don had seen a red flash and bang … what those closer … sorry. Budennovsky ohrineli. The plaster crumbled from the house! With Kalinovki shopping saw a flash from Mushketov – Budenovka. After 10 seconds of sound and wave!”

A friend, who wishes to not be named, who lives in Moscow, of Conservative Firing Line reporter, Christopher Collins, stated that much of this conflict is over oil.

The friend stated, “This has been going on for 3 years. The West is kept in the dark… Ukraine government is run by neo-Nazis and they are reenacting WW II. Ukraine sided with Germany, this is a complicated dynamic and a large part of this is about oil.”

“The situation is deteriorating and the people of Donbas are suffering greatly. I can tell you that Russia- Putin is definitely NOT behind this.”

The BBC reported that Kiev tanks were spotted in residential area on E. Ukraine frontline and a video showing Kiev’s troops and tanks in the eastern Ukrainian town of Avdeevka emerged online, posted by a BBC correspondent working in the area. Earlier, the OSCE warned tanks were headed there, slamming the move as a violation of withdrawal lines.

And reported a few minutes ago, 76 Ukrainian tanks were missing from location designated by Minsk agreements.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused Ukraine of starting the latest escalation to rally support from the new U.S. administration and other Western powers. Ukraine is concerned that President Donald Trump could roll back some sanctions imposed on Russia for its actions in Ukraine, and that European Union members could follow suit.

The Trump administration, meanwhile, maintained a low-key approach with a restrained tone that may reflect the start of a new U.S. approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine began back in 2014, when the people in Donetsk and Lugansk regions rejected the armed coup in Kiev, which saw the then-President Viktor Yanukovich ousted and what later became President Petro Poroshenko’s government installed. The new authorities launched a military crackdown, which led to a bloody conflict that has claimed over 10,000 lives to date.

In 1991, following the end of the Cold War, the Ukraine declared its independence following attempted coup in Moscow where 90% vote for independence in nationwide referendum in December.

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