Donald Trump: The Most Important Man in America Today

apprentice-donald-trumpLike him or not.  Vote for him or don’t, but Donald Trump is the most important man in America.  He is shattering the preconceived notions of failed Republican presidential candidates and consultants alike.

His “In Your Face” style is being embraced by millions of Americans and his straight talk on taboo subjects are exploding the myths the lamestream press invented and RINOs adopted.  He is unlikely to win the presidency but he will be plowing the road for the one who does.

Here are some truths Mr Trump has taught us:

1)  Opposing illegal aliens is a winning issue.  Romney did not lose because he couldn’t attract enough of the Hispanic voters.  He lost because he didn’t give conservatives a reason to vote for him.

2)  People don’t care if you are “mean” to reporters or other politicians.  What they hate are politicians who bend over and take it.  Trump didn’t lose a single voter when he badmouthed John McCain.  McCain has a habit of calling conservatives crazies, freaks and worse.  People loved seeing him put in his place for once.

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