DNC vice chair in profane video: Hitler should’ve bombed The Hague

buckleyLiberalism, as we’ve said time and again, is an ideology of insane rage and hate.  On Monday, Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit posted video of Ray Buckley, the vice chair of the Democrat Party, saying Hitler should’ve bombed the Hague.

He says quite a bit more in the video, which of course, isn’t exactly family friendly.  And for good measure, he unzips his trousers in front of associates…  In short, he’s pretty much everything you’d expect a Democratic Party leader to be…

Buckley, by the way, also chairs the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  According to the DNC, Buckley is the first openly gay politician to serve as president of the Association of State Democratic Chairs.  Needless to say, the Democratic Party has changed considerably from the days of Harry Truman and Scoop Jackson.

Video below:

And yes, this is the second in command of the Democratic Party…  Remember that in November…


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