Diva Megyn Kelly whines about Trump, lack of support – hints at leaving Fox News

Photo: Youtube.
Photo: Youtube.

The months-long feud between Republican presumptive nominee for president Donald Trump, and Fox News personality has been on the front burner since the two locked horns at last summer’s Fox News Channel and Facebook sponsored GOP Presidential Debate. And now with Kelly’s interview The Donald scheduled to hit the Fox entertainment network, Kelly has been quite busy making news pumping up interest in her hour long special tonight.

Yet as it turns out, Kelly’s perpetual insistence that she’s simultaneously the consummate professional, defender of young females sexually harassed by Neanderthal men, and surrounded by backstabbers at FNC very well might lead the followers of Fox News if her hinting of leaving the network is real of just another ploy to attract higher ratings. As reported by Sonia Saraiya of the usually left-leaning Salon magazine, and also by Jessica Chia of Great Britain’s the Daily Mail, both on May 17, 2016, Kelly bemoans that while she does make a valid attempt to conduct herself “with dignity and like a professional,” she also throws “under the bus” other members of her FNC family.

Reporter Saraiya of Salon laid the groundwork of her alleged hard news piece of Kelly by describing the Republicans as the “party that loves dismantling women’s rights” and that “Fox News traffics in lies and outrage,” Megyn Kelly emerged as quite the new heroine of the liberal media. Sariya went on to compare Kelly to one of the more scheming characters ofHouse of Cards, declaring that Kelly has “the kind of steely resolve that would make Claire Underwood proud.”

Saraiya also makes a point both playing the gender card while attempting to make it seem as news. As she penned, “though Megyn Kelly isn’t a feminist, she’s become, by virtue of her gender and career, the perfect counterweight to Trump’s myriad contempts and contradictions—both his subtle and unsubtle misogyny and his casual relationship with the truth.” The Salon reporter continued singing the praises of Kelly’s seemingly superhuman capabilities in simply doing her job, “One gets the impression that she is listening and processing, even on live television. I wonder if that’s why Trump is so terrified of her.”

Meanwhile with Kelly’s write-up in the Daily Mail, her statements were rather upfront that three of the FNC’s heavy hitters “failed to stand by her” during the course of her much televised feud with Trump. Complaining “I do wish that [Bill] O’Reilly had defended me more,” also groused that fellow prime timer Greta Van Susteren “had stayed mum.”

The Daily Mail’s Chia also noted that Kelly was more specific on her opinion of Sean Hannity, “She did give a personal shout out to Sean Hannity, who she was grateful to for ‘tr[ying] to cool the temperatures’ behind the scenes, but threw him under the bus a few minutes later. She later said: ‘Well, I mean…wouldn’t say Hannity is the most fair and balanced guy, right? He’s a conservative commentator, but he doesn’t purport to be, so it’s okay.'”

Also noted was Kelly’s flirting with possibly pulling the plug on her Fox News gig. While Kelly was “credited her for being ‘the face of FOX News’ and asked whether she was planning on staying after he contract ends next year, she fanned the flames of speculation by saying she was ‘open minded’. Kelly added: “It’s a very fickle business. As I like to say one day you’re fine, and the next day…you’re out! So you’ve got to keep your options open! I’m not going to foreclose anything.”



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