Despicable: WaPo tracks down, doxxes Pickle, a nine-year-old Trump supporter

As part of the apparent effort to foment hate and violence against those who support President Trump, the Washington Post actually tracked down and identified a nine-year-old supporter of the president whose letter to the White House was read by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Naturally, the Trump-hating propagandists at the Post didn’t believe that such a fan of the president could exist — naturally, because ALL liberals hate Trump, therefore, in their alleged “mind,” everyone MUST hate Trump except for Nazis and bigots.

But it turns out the youngster, nicknamed “Pickle,” exists.  So naturally, the Post decided to identify him.

The Post hid their article behind a paywall, but Mediaite reported:

Thanks to some intrepid reporting by Monica Hesse of the Washington Post, we can now say that Pickle, the human, is not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

He’s a real boy.

Per the Post‘s report, Dylan “Pickle” Harbin lives in Stockton, CA. His mom, SueAnn Harbin told the Post that she’s not herself political. But Dylan came to learn about Trump in his third grade class, which held a mock election last year. From there, he went on to have a Trump-themed birthday party, and came to love all things Trump.

“Do you think Donald Trump will live to be 100?” Pickle reportedly asked his mom. “Because then he can watch me be president.”

Intrepid? Please.  Keep in mind this is the same Democrat-media complex that sees Russians behind every blade of grass, and thinks you’re a neo-Nazi if you have a short haircut.  They have yet to find any proof of their Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, but hey, they can find a nine-year-old boy who loves the president.

According to Mediaite, the letter shocked reporters so much they actually became “Pickle-truthers” and refused to believe he exists.

One person asked:


Or anything else Obama ever said or did…

Another person wondered:




Other Twitter users weighed in:



Naturally liberal hatemongers attacked the youngster:


The Daily Caller added:


Jeff Bezos just overtook Bill Gates as the richest man in the whole wide world, and this is one of the benefits of such staggering wealth. He’s got so much dough, he can afford to pay people to track down little kids who write letters to the President of the United States, just in case it’s all some sort of trick.

That’s what the pros call journalism.

After being doxxed by the Post, Pickle and his mother appeared on Fox and Friends, Mediaite said:

Well, Pickle and his mother, Sue Ann Harbin, were brought on Fox & Friends this morning to talk about Pickle’s love of the president. At the start of the interview, he said he wrote to the president because “I wanted him to be my friend.”

However, after that, Dylan seemed a bit overwhelmed by the whole situation and clammed up, as young kids are apt to do when talking to strange new people.

As hard as they tried, hosts Pete Hegseth and Abby Huntsman just could not get Pickle to engage much more in conversation. Throughout, Ms. Harbin took charge, answering most of the questions for her son while explaining that they were taken by surprise by the public reading of the letter.

Now that the Washington Post has exposed this young man and his family, one can’t help but wonder: How long before liberals call for his murder?


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