Dems will not like what’s in this new voter survey

Clinton seems stunned (ABC News video screen grab).
New Rasmussen survey bad news for Hillary Clinton and Democrats. (ABC News video screen grab).

As the second day of the Democratic National Convention opened in Philadelphia, Rasmussen Reports had some bad news for the party and its presumptive presidential nominee: a new survey 70 percent of likely U.S. voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

While Democrats are in the City of Brotherly Love touting the job that Barack Obama has been doing as president, only 24 percent of likely voters think the country is on the right track. With Hillary Rodham Clinton likely to be the party’s standard-bearer heading into November, that’s going to weigh on her if she promises to follow in Obama’s footsteps.

While the figure is up three percentage points from last week’s poll, it is still far lower than any Democrat candidate should welcome. Earlier this year, 30 percent of likely voters said the country is going in the right direction, but over the past few months, that percentage has dropped into the mid-20 percent range and stayed there.

The results come from a national telephone survey of 2,500 likely voters conducted July 17-21. It has a +/- 2 percentage point margin of error.

Clinton and the Democrats still have a tougher nut to crack. Many Bernie Sanders supporters, dubbed “Sandernistas,” are not ready to fall in behind Clinton, even after Sanders appealed to them Monday night to do just that. There is now an impression that Sanders has turned his back on his own revolution, and at least some people are indicating they’re going to vote for a third party candidate.

Adding to problems that loom on Clinton’s horizon is a controversial video that has streaked across social media after it was aired Monday. The “undercover video” shows a female Democrat activist explaining how guns can be banned under a Clinton administration through the use of deceptive language. Instead of outright promoting a gun ban, she suggests using phrases like “common sense gun legislation.”

She then remarks, “You say s— like that, and then people will buy into it.”

Alex Jones did a segment on the video and a subsequent confrontation between the woman and another video journalist at InfoWars.

Second Amendment activists are alarmed about the prospect of a Clinton presidency. She has already said she thinks the Supreme Court was “wrong” on the Second Amendment and that she would make that case every chance she gets. If she is elected and is able to stack the high court with liberal justices, the right to keep and bear arms could be in trouble, activists fear.


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