Democrat Howard Dean Makes Unforgivable Holocaust Statement

At one point in our not so distant past, we would look to Washington DC with reverence.  We saw our elected officials are something more than the sum of their parts, having been selected through a grueling and taxing process that would only see our best and brightest sent to the Capitol to keep this nation on its path to greatness.

Nowadays…not so much.

In this 21st century, Washington is just Hollywood East, but with far more disconcerting effects on the nation at large.  The drama, the in-fighting, and the hyperbole is almost comical at this point…at least until it isn’t.

Such is the case this week, as former Democratic Presidential candidate and perpetual progressive punchline Howard Dean makes an unconscionable comparison on MSNBC.

Dean said, “The truth is we’re not going to get everything we want, and Clyburn was exactly right. We need to focus on the half-full glass and go get some more. I’ve been in politics most of my life. You don’t get everything you want the first time. You get what you can get and go back and get the rest. You keep going and keep going and keep going. That’s point one.”

He continued, “Point two is, I am impatient with Democratic voters who are being discouraged. This is your country. If you don’t want to fight for it, that’s your business. But if you don’t want to vote and keep the democratic majority, from these neo-fascists on the Republican side like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, that is not on the Republicans, that’s on you.”

Then came the immoral metaphors.

Dean added, “This really parallels what happens in Germany in between the wars when Hitler took power. I don’t want to compare Trump to Hitler, although there are some similarities. But the truth is, voters have to not be apathetic. It was apathy as much as anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust. People just turned a blind eye. Get out there and fight. If you think this country is important, you better get out there and vote and then don’t blame the Democrats after the fact if you haven’t gone out to vote and you get some crackpot in the presidency that wants to take away your vote.”

The Anti-Defamation League and other pro-Jewish organizations have forcefully and repeatedly demanded that there be no comparisons made between The Holocaust and modern events, as it hastens our desensitization toward the abhorrent event.

The left, in their quest to defame Donald Trump, simply cannot heed this warning.

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