Democrat Calif State Speaker Under Recall Attack by Far Left over Single-Payer Health Care

The Crazy Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party in California have decided that they will try to force a recall of State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood).  As we reported back in June, liberals threatened to murder the Democrat after he postponed further consideration of a single-payer health care bill.  Rendon refused to allow a vote on the measure because it would cost the state $400 billion the first year alone.  The annual budget for California is 120 billion dollars.

According to the Associated Press:

The Rendon recall comes as the California Democratic Party contends with a protracted leadership battle that is as much about donors and messaging as it is about ideals. It follows a contentious battle among environmentalists over the state’s cap-and-trade law to fight climate change, which some thought was too deferential to oil companies.

While Democrats in liberal California feud with Washington and proudly cast themselves as a foil to Republican President Donald Trump, they’re far from united at home.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

For Rendon, the backlash began after he sidelined the bill, SB562, which looked to eliminate insurance companies in California and make state government the “single-payer” for health care services.

Both Rendon and Governor Moonbeam agree that California simply cannot afford it.  The population of California has a population — including illegals — of 39.25 million people.  A quick trip to your calculator will tell you $400 billion divided by 39.25 million people means that every man, woman and child would need to cough up $10,191.

Where does this $400 billion come from?  There is no way in hell you can collect over $10G from everyone in the state.  The Bernie commies insist you can tax the rich.  The rich already pay 39% in federal taxes.  The state of California rakes them over the coals for another 12.3% plus a 1% surcharge for anyone making over $1 million a year.

That means up to 52.3% of their wages go to state and federal taxes.  If you dramatically raise their taxes, they’d move.  Besides even if you taxed the rich by an increased 47.7%, you still wouldn’t have $400 billion. You wouldn’t even be close.

Voting for a single payer system is like voting for the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage. Who in their right mind would vote against that?  Just people who understand economics and realize that a minimum wage that high will cost millions of jobs across America as companies are suddenly finding robots are cheaper than people making fifteen dollars an hour.

Writing at Hot Air, Jazz Shaw notes:

Perhaps the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in California can pull this off. Who knows? They might manage to recall Rendon and replace him with some sort of Sanders – Warren style firebrand who will push single payer through, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. And then when California eventually goes bankrupt and asks the rest of the country to bail them out we’ll see a different sort of revolution on the west coast. Either that or grant them their Calexit wishes and build a wall around the entire place.

In order to recall Speaker Rendon, they need over 20,000 signatures, but only from people living in Rendon’s district.


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