Rosie O’Donnell DEMANDS John McCain be sworn in as interim president for a month

Rosie O'Donnell John McCainOn Sunday, Rosie O’Donnell, the unhinged leftist who called for martial law to keep President-elect Donald Trump out of the White House, unilaterally chose Sen. John “McRINO” McCain to be sworn in as an “interim” president for a month.  To make sure everyone knew she was serious, she issued the tweet in all-caps and added a bit of profanity:

Naturally, her suggestion didn’t go over too well with those grounded in actual reality (as opposed to the fake reality presented by Hollywood liberals and their allies in the Democrat-media complex):

She responded:

Actually, we do, Rosie.  We just had an election, and Trump won.  Your side tried to enact a coup d’etat and failed, so live with it the way America did the last eight years.

She wasn’t finished, however.

One person accurately summed up Rosie’s temper tantrum in one wordless tweet:

Another person reminded Rosie of what Obama said about the election:

Let’s say that she’s a legend in her own mind and leave it at that, shall we?

Because liberalism, as Michael Savage once noted, is a mental disorder.

She wasn’t finished pounding on her keyboard, however:

Just think, we have at least four years of this to look forward to.  Perhaps by then, O’Donnell and the rest of her insane ilk will melt down to the point that they require an actual intervention — complete with straitjackets and rubber rooms…


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