Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell falsely claims NRA leaders opposed to letting children live

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Last week, Rep. Eric Swallwell, D-Calif., issued a tweet in which he falsely claimed that NRA leaders are opposed to letting children live.  The obnoxious tweet came as a result of a video in which Dan Bongino took him to task for his anti-gun stance which he revealed in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

“When the is attacking you, you’re doing something right. Children have a right to live. Their leaders oppose that. Let’s be louder,” he tweeted.

Here’s the interview which prompted Bongino’s response:

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Swalwell says he wants to ban semiautomatic firearms, “buy” them back, essentially confiscating those weapons, and prosecute those who refuse to participate.

Here’s Bongino’s response to that:

Many wondered if Swalwell would say the same about abortion.

Of course, Swalwell wants police to have guns — especially if they’re protecting him.

Scratch a liberal, find a tyrannical hypocrite…

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