Dem majority still favors more gun control, says poll

COLT 2A #1A new Rasmussen poll has once again revealed that more Democrats support gun control, revealing that a majority of respondents identified with that party think it “is too easy to buy a gun in the United States.”

The same survey revealed that only 28 percent of identified Republicans think that’s the case and just 36 percent of people not affiliated with either party concur.

However, 64 percent of Democrats want to make it tougher for people to exercise their Second Amendment right.

Rasmussen reported that honest citizens “are buying guns at a record pace, and most tell us it’s for self-defense.”

Among other findings reported by Rasmussen were that “Whites are slightly less likely than blacks and other minority Americans to report the purchase of a gun in the past year. Blacks are the most likely to say most buy a gun for self-defense.

“Americans with children in the home are twice as likely to have a new gun in the family as those who don’t have children living with them,” Rasmussen added.

This new survey comes just one week ahead of the New York primary, and Democrat front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton is continuing to hammer away at gun control as a central plank in her platform. But she got into trouble from the Washington Post Fact Checker for a statement made during a Long Island forum on gun control.

Clinton asserted that Vermont was a major source of crime-related guns recovered in New York, using a “per capita” argument. The Fact Checker called her out on this, noting that, “We do not find the per capita measure as a fair assessment of gun flows from Vermont into New York. The difference between this point using per capita calculation and the raw number…is so stark that it creates a significantly misleading impression to the public.”

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, pounced on this with a blistering news release.

“She crafted this meme to discredit rival Bernie Sanders, who represents Vermont in the Senate,” Gottlieb said. “It is dishonest and it reminds people why a Washington Post/ABC News poll last month said 57 percent of the people don’t think she is honest or trustworthy.”

Clinton got an embarrassing “Three Pinocchios” from the WaPo Fact Checker for her “carefully crafted” talking point. Three Pinocchio’s suggest an outright falsehood.

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner



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