Trump coming to Pacific Northwest, protests planned

Trump-townhallProtesters are already planning to show up at rallies for Donald Trump scheduled Friday evening in Eugene, Oregon and Saturday afternoon in Lynden, Washington, and he is also going to appear at a noon event in Spokane prior to his Lynden visit.

According to the Seattle Times, “Labor unions and other groups started organizing their response when word of a likely Trump visit surfaced more than a week ago. They’ve been distributing fliers in English and Spanish headlined ‘Stop Trump. Shut It Down!’”

Trump supporters may provide an interesting contrast to the expected raucousness, simply by showing up, waving signs and not engaging in any confrontations. Presumably all of these events will be covered by local news organizations.

Trump is taking heat from both liberal groups and conservatives who have been disappointed that he has emerged as the likely Republican presidential nominee.

Significantly, the Seattle Times has reported that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee will be speaking at a news conference against Trump. The newspaper also stated that Nicole Grant, executive secretary of the M.L. King County Labor Council, who said the goal of the protests will be “to show Trump that “holding a campaign rally near Seattle is ‘more trouble than it is worth.’”

But that could backfire by actually creating more support for Trump among people who may not be supporters, but who dislike the kind of demagoguery that accompanies efforts to shout people down. The more that the Left tries to silence Trump, the more people may want to hear what he says. There is no small amount of irony that the louder his critics become, the more momentum he seems to gain.

While the New York businessman is being called the presumptive nominee, Trump does not have the nomination sewn up just yet. He is still shy delegates, and in Washington’s upcoming primary election later this month, the names of his rivals are still on the ballot and there could be a protest vote.

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner


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