CSP Exposes Exploitation of ‘Pay-For-Citizenship’ EB-5 Visa Program

EB-5 Trojan Horse: How an American Pay-for-Citizenship Immigration Program Poses a National Security Threat
EB-5 Trojan Horse: How an American Pay-for-Citizenship Immigration Program Poses a National Security Threat

Investigations into the checkered personal story of Islamic supremacist Khyzr Khan following his speaking appearance at the Democratic National Convention in July 2016 have called attention to the focus of his legal practice and the EB-5 Visa Program.

As an immigration lawyer, he has specialized in the little-known “EB-5 Visa Program” – a visa that permits would-be immigrants effectively to purchase U.S. legal residency status and puts them on an accelerated path to citizenship.

The EB-5 Visa program Action by Islamic supremacist, Khyzr Khan’s program’s exploits, undermines national security and would increase security threats against American citizens and American Sovereignty.

The Center for Security Policy (CSP) released the latest in its Occasional Papers series a detailed critique of the EB-5 Program by another experienced immigration attorney, Shae Armstrong.

The Occasional Paper, entitled, EB-5 Trojan Horse: How an American Pay-for-Citizenship Immigration Program Poses a National Security Threat, Mr. Armstrong’s case study examines the ominous use being made of this vehicle by Communist China in order to insinuate its nationals and strategic investments into the United States.

Given the opportunity the EB-5 process affords the Muslim nations served by Mr. Khan, the Chinese and/or other actual or potential hostiles to introduce here a variety of national security threats, it is clearly time to revisit whether it is prudent to afford large numbers of such individuals access to this country and guaranteed rights – with little, if any, regard for their backgrounds, motives or future conduct.

On the occasion of the publication of EB-5 Trojan Horse, Center for Security Policy President Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. said, “This insider account – and warning – from a patriotic, experienced EB-5 attorney is made all the more timely as it not only helps illuminate the use that might be made of that visa program by Khyzr Khan’s clients and their Chinese counterparts to our national detriment. It also provides a basis for a fundamental reconsideration of this program and, as appropriate, an overhaul of the terms under which those with their own fortunes, or access to other capital, can buy into America.”

“Fortunately, Congress has in the immediate future an opportunity, as well as a responsibility, to undertake such reconsideration. The EB-5 Program will expire unless it is reauthorized. Shae Armstrong is right to urge that the current EB-5 Program either be allowed to expire or be considerably reformed in order to eliminate national security risks plaguing this program.”

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