CRY HARDER LIBS: Pro-Constitution SCOTUS Drops YUGE Rulings For Rule Of Law

Watch the left’s reaction to SCOTUS rulings this week and you will see just how power-hungry and morally bankrupt they are.

Selective leftist outrage against SCOTUS

Sometimes they cheer

Whenever a ruling lines up with Democrat partisan agendas, Democrat hacks in the media sing the praises of a heroic SCOTUS that has kept Republicans from Destroying Democracy.

For example:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

But mostly they jeer

If you want to see them lose their damn minds, let that same Democrat agenda lose any ground at all. It matters not how obnoxious that agenda is to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and equal treatment under the law.

Take one small step back and they are calling for wholesale changes to the institution itself. Conveniently, those changes would universally the benefit Democrat power politics.

Ever since Trump began tilting the ideological balance of the court in the direction of Constructionist/Originalism, the left has been openly hostile to SCOTUS.

The Democrats have been actively looking for ways to either pack the court or take down Trump’s appointees.

They STILL insist on painting Kavanaugh as a sex offender, because it’s a Big Lie that credulous Democrats are happy to believe.

When they ruled the ‘wrong’ way over Dobbs, the left went to open war.

Protests outside SCOTUS homes are illegal, but never prosecuted. We see coordinated smear pieces brought against Thomas, Alito and the Trump appointees.

One abortion activist was even arrested while en route to assassinate one (or more!) of these same ‘evil’ Trump appointees.

Joe Biden was asked about SCOTUS yesterday: Biden Reacts To SCOTUS Ruling — Attacks Legitimacy Of Co-Equal Branch Of Gov’t (VIDEO)

Too bad nobody ever explained to him (or Schumer for that matter) that his job is NOT to legislate or control court decisions.

SCOTUS ends spring session with some BIG decisions

Yesterday was the decision forbidding affirmative action as a condition for university acceptance.

Today were the remaining cases:

1) Religious accommodation #1: Religious observance

Unanimous decision in the case of a postal worker allows for a ‘Sabbath’ day of rest based on the religious accommodation of the religion of the employee concerned.

2) Religious accommodation #2: Free speech

The justices, divided 6-3 on ideological lines, said that Lorie Smith, as a creative professional, has a free speech right under the Constitution’s First Amendment to refuse to endorse messages she disagrees with. As a result, she cannot be punished under Colorado’s antidiscrimination law for refusing to design websites for gay couples, the court said. — NBC

3) Striking down federal Student Loan Forgiveness

The Supreme Court voted 6–3 on June 30 to strike down President Joe Biden’s controversial plan to partially forgive student loans.
The six conservative justices voted to invalidate the program in the closely watched case, while the three liberal justices voted to uphold it.
Biden unveiled the plan in August 2022 in a move critics decried as a constitutionally dubious attempt to help Democrats in November 2022 congressional elections. The Congressional Budget Office said the plan could cost about $400 billion, but the Wharton School estimates the price tag could blow past $1 trillion. — EpochTimes

The left is outraged again

The seething over the Affirmative Action decision was already a simmering boil. But they couldn’t help themselves when today’s decisions came out.

They don’t even hide their bias in how they are reporting the stories. Let’s go back to that NBC reporting on the website. Here are the paragraphs before and after the one cited above:

The Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favor of an evangelical Christian web designer from Colorado who refuses to work on same-sex weddings, dealing a setback to LGBTQ rights.
[…] The ruling could allow other owners of similar creative businesses to evade punishment under laws in 29 states that protect LGBTQ rights in public accommodations in some form. The remaining 21 states do not have laws explicitly protecting LGBTQ rights in public accommodations, although some local municipalities do. — NBC

Notice that, to the partisans, this was not a ‘win’ for free speech and free expression. Nor was it a ‘win’ for religious freedom. It was entirely framed as a net negative from the LBGT perspective.

The left were almost universally enraged about the Student Debt ruling.

It’s weird for them to be upset by the court ruling against an executive branch action that even Nancy Pelosi herself publicly said no President had the authority to deliver on.

In the end…

In the end, Trump really did get the last laugh.

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