Cowardly Inept Biden CHECKS HIS WATCH During Dignified Transfer Of Troops Killed In Kabul Attack (VIDEO)

This is beyond shameful. How can the President of the United States disrespect fallen U.S. troops like this?

The President and First Lady went to Dover Air Force Base on Sunday morning to meet with families and be present on the tarmac as the bodies of the troops who died in the attack were repatriated.

Here is the list of U.S. Service Members killed in the Kabul bomb attack:

  • Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, 31
  • Marine Corps Sgt. Johanny Rosario Pichardo, 25
  • Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, 23
  • Marine Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22
  • Marine Corps Cpl. Deagan W. Page, 23
  • Marine Corps Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez, 22
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza, 20
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jared M. Schmitz, 20
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum, 20
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola, 20
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui, 20
  • Navy Hospitalman Maxton W. Soviak, 22
  • Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss, 23

The meeting with families would have been interesting.

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Steve Nikoui, father of Kareem Nikoui, told the Daily Beast that Biden “turned his back” on the troops in Afghanistan.

Kathy McCollum, the mother of Rylee McCollum, had some choice words to say about the President.

‘My son was one of the Marines that died yesterday,’ Kathy McCollum said in a radio interview on Friday of her 20-year-old late son Rylee.

‘[He was] getting ready to come home from freaking Jordan to be with his wife to watch the birth of his son,’ McCollum said. ‘And that sackless, dementia ridden piece of crap just sent my son to die.’

‘I woke up at four’o’clock this morning to Marines at my door telling me my son was dead,’ she said in the emotional account.
Source: Daily Mail (Emphasis Added)

The lapdog Corporate Media was crowing that the Absentminded President was there to “pay his respects” to the troops that were killed in the suicide bomb attack at the Kabul airport. There was no mention that these service members as well as over 150 civilians died because Joe Biden wanted to be forever remembered as the President who withdrew all U.S. troops before the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

He’ll be remembered, all right. The attack was the deadliest day for U.S. troops since 2011.

The Corporate Media shills were out in force bowing and scraping to Dementia Joe who doesn’t seem to give two craps about what happens to our troops.

In hushed reverence, President Joe Biden stood witness with grieving families Sunday under a gray sky as, one by one, the remains of 13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing were removed with solemnity from a military aircraft that brought them home.

The only sounds that could be heard during the mournful ritual of the “dignified transfer” were the quiet commands of the honor guards in battle dress who carried the flag-draped cases, the hum of the C-17 aircraft that had transported the fallen and the periodic sob of the sorrowful.

Biden and his wife, Jill, met privately with family members of those killed in the suicide attack near the Kabul airport before the president became the fourth commander in chief over two decades of war to stand at attention at Dover Air Force Base as the remains of the fallen from Afghanistan returned home.
Source: Associated Press

Here is the CSPAN video of the solemn repatriation ceremony.

Some network cameras were trained on the President and caught something very disturbing. As the service members were being transferred, Sleepy Joe checked his watch.

Was he bored?

Did the Commander-in-Chief have somewhere better to be?

Was he wondering how long it would be until the ceremony was over and he could get his ice cream?

The AP report said, “Biden held his hand over his heart and appeared to shut his eyes in prayer as each transfer case was taken off the military aircraft and placed in an awaiting vehicle.”

Are they sure it was prayer and he wasn’t just napping again like he appeared to do during the visit with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday?

It wouldn’t be the first time for Joe to doze off when he was supposed to be paying attention.

Even screechy Hillary couldn’t keep him awake when she was endorsing him for President in April 2020.

Biden has been doing this for years.

He appeared to be nodding off during Obama’s budget speech in 2015.

It looks like former President Trump was incredibly accurate in nicknaming Biden “Sleepy Joe.”

It’s not just that he dozes off in public, he also seems to be asleep at the helm of the United States.

Let’s not forget that it was the asinine decisions of the Biden-Harris administration that caused these deaths. The absolute least he could do is be respectful and he couldn’t even manage to do that.

All he had to do was evacuate Americans and their allies and wait a few months until winter, but he was impatient and wouldn’t do that. He wanted the accolades for ending the “endless war” that hadn’t cost the life of a single U.S. servicemember in more than a year. For several years, this has been just a status quo mission as we provided backup to the Afghan government.

When Joe decided to pull U.S. air support, the Afghan Security Forces didn’t have a viable strategy to repel the Taliban that was encroaching.

It was the Biden-Harris administration’s decision to pull that back and the dominoes fell from there.

The administration’s failure to retaliate against the encroachment of the Taliban months ago — which violated the deal brokered between the Trump administration and the Taliban — along with the closing down Bagram Air Base before evacuating civilians from the country, and a botched withdrawal leaving thousands of Americans and allies stranded caused all of this mess.

That’s not on Trump, that’s on Biden.

The Taliban takeover and the decision to hunker down around the Kabul international airport created a vacuum that was filled by ISIS-K terrorists who then bombed the Kabul airport killing 13 U.S. Servicemembers and over 150 others.

That’s also on Biden.

The blood of the fallen is on Joe’s hands, and he can’t even act like a dignified Commander-in-Chief when those bodies are repatriated.

President Biden’s behavior is an absolute disgrace.

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