OF COURSE THEY ARE! The Muslim Brotherhood Behind The Anti-Trump Refugee Ban Protests (VIDEO)

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Why would they stop after Trump took control of the Oval Office? All the more reason to double down, right? The Muslim Brotherhood will not go gently into that good night. And did anyone really expect them to? So, when President Donald Trump issued a ban on unvetted refugees it was the perfect opportunity to stage some very high profile protests in airports, no less. But are they effective in reaching the base that elected Trump?

Odds are, most Americans see through the leftist B.S. by now.

The Gateway Pundit exposes the ridiculousness and the leftist faux outrage.

Six years ago Barack Obama banned refugees from Iraq from entering the US for six months.
Democrats said nothing.

This weekend Donald Trump signed an executive order to refuse refugees from seven terrorist states.

But this time Democrats lost it.
Hundreds of liberals protested Trump at airports across the US after 109 foreigners out of 325,000 foreign travelers were detained at airports across the United States.

This video shows a protest in progress being led by members of EADHR

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So, the question is, just how much are these leftist organizations and George Soros willing to spend on attempting to take down the Trump administration?

Good luck with that.

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