Connecticut town sponsors White Privilege essay contest

white privilege essay westport
Westport, Connecticut

The town of Westport, Connecticut, is sponsoring an essay writing contest for high school kids to see who can write the best paper on “White Privilege,” offering $1000 to the winner.

Westport is predominately white, rich, very liberal and contains (as of this writing) no safe-places. It’s bad and the town wants to change all that.  The town’s website says:

 In 1,000 words or less, describe how you understand the term ‘white privilege’. To what extent do you think this privilege exists? What impact do you think it has had in your life—whatever your racial or ethnic identity—and in our society more broadly.

Westport is not completely white and we can assume the contest will have entries from kids of all races. The best possible outcome — at least one where the very idea of White Privilege is valid — is if the winner were white, straight and male. He can then accept the prize, go to a mic and say, “see I told you so.”

Last years contest was on race relations and how to deal with inequities, divisions, diversity, etc. The winner was a student with an Oriental background and second place went to a racist white girl. No, that’s not what I call her, it’s what the town of Westport says of her (Emphasis added):

Second place winner went to [I won’t mention her name], a student at Staples high School. [her] essay, “Coming to Terms with Race in America” is a personal reflection on her own journey as she has faced the privileges afforded her as a white person living in an affluent community, struggled to understand the realities of African American lives, and continually works to acknowledge and combat her own racism. [Her] prize is $750.

Whites are so privileged in Westport that the town shelled out $750 to a racist. If I run over a pot hole when I’m in town I’ll be so p–sed.

The term “White Privilege” means something to the affect that white people are in first place. Other races have to wait in line. A person of color can order spaghetti and meatballs only to get noodles and ketchup. Not white people. So whites have to recognize their privilege, come to terms with it and open a dialogue. Hopefully this dialogue will raise awareness and allow for diversity in all our personal journeys not only in ourselves but in our communities. I don’t even know what I just said, but that’s what liberals tell me.

Westport is also launching what they call “Westport Kids Need Diverse Books Initiative.”  It’s not clear if adults need these books too or if they do have them and aren’t sharing them, I don’t know. But the town says on the website: “WHY? Because diverse books allow children of color to see themselves as part of the story, and they allow white children to see children different from themselves as part of the story.” End of story.

The key word is “different.” If you see one white kid, you’ve seen them all. Same goes for all races. Individuals aren’t different in of themselves. In fact there is no such thing as individuals with unique thoughts and ideas. There’s just white kids, black kids, brown kids; that’s who we are according to Westport. The kids need to see themselves by their race and feel awfully bad either by being privileged or victims of it.

It doesn’t occur to Westport that there is no diversity in any of this. They are pretending to promote tolerance but all of it funnels to one idea that is essentially anti-white. Whites are “privileged” and most of the books are about “their story.”  A white prize winner on race has to come to terms with “her racism,” but she’s trying. All this pretend jargon turns the idea of tolerance on its head and is nothing but intolerant. To Westport, race is the most salient aspect of a person, it’s what defines them which is the very definition of racism and it’s all a big celebration.


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