CNN’s Sally Kohn compares U.S. Christians to Muslim Brotherhood

proglestalkheadOne would think that after the Roseburg, Oregon, shooting in which a deranged Christophobe brutally murdered nine people for being Christians, liberals would curb their Christophobic hate — at least for a little while.  One would be wrong, however, as some have continued their descent into weapons-grade stupid.

On Friday, CNN contributor Sally Kohn proved once again that liberalism is an ideology of anti-Christian rage and hate with a maddening tweet comparing U.S. Christians to members of the Muslim Brotherhood:

Translation: America sucks, and so do U.S. Christians.  Tweeters responded pretty much as you’d expect.

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True.  And an ideology of rage and hate.

Good point.  Too bad it’s wasted on someone who really doesn’t care.

Sure sounds like it to me.

Bingo.  Again, the sentiment is lost on someone who really doesn’t want to hear about it.

I vote for the latter.

It’s even worse than that.  What Kohn has done is lump the vast majority of Americans in with a group of Islamic radicals, and it’s highly offensive.  But that’s what liberals do.  Trust me on this — if someone did it to them, they’d be demanding apologies…

One person asked:

Because that’s the liberal way.  The goal is to foment hate and possibly even more violence against Christians.  And yes, if there’s another Roseburg where people are murdered for their Christian faith, Kohn and others like her will have blood on their hands for fostering an environment of anti-Christian hate.


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