CNN’s Don Lemon defends anti-democracy group Antifa

On Tuesday, CNN propagandist Don Lemon defended and whitewashed the violent far-left anti-democracy group Antifa, one of the groups behind the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

According to Lemon, Antifa is simply a protest group and nothing more.

“I’m saddened, Wolf. Sitting here, thinking as we were about to go on the air, ‘what am I going to say to Wolf Blitzer? What am I going to say to my colleagues, to the country and the world who is watching?’ This is a sad moment for the country. I think it was an awful moment for the person who was supposed to represent the highest office of the land. There today you saw the real Donald Trump proving all of his critics right in that moment,” he said.

“Everyone was sitting there watching, saying ‘here we go, his true colors are coming out.’ To equate a group that is a protest group, two protests group. Yes, they are both protest groups, calling antifa. They were there protesting fascism. Maybe their tactics weren’t exactly right. It is messy. There is a difference between the two groups,” he added.

“One is a Nazi, white supremacist group. What they want to do is extinguish people that look like me and you, Wolf, Jewish people, black people, even women. They don’t think we are equal. The other is a protest group, protesting a political and racism movement. I am not saying that that group, all of their tactics are right. They were there protesting hate in America,” he further said.

But, the Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson said, “in reality, antifa activists say they want to overthrow democracy and all of American civil society.”

Additionally, Antifa has been linked to a number of violent incidents in clashes with Trump supporters, and have advocated killing those who support the president.

The organization has even been labeled a domestic terror group by the state of New Jersey.

And as the Daily Wire reported, Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas held a press conference on Monday in which he stated there were “mutually combating individuals in the crowd” in Charlottesville.

According to the Daily Wire:

When a reporter asked: “Do you believe that one side was more responsible than the other for instigating the violence?” Thomas replied: “This was an alt-right rally.”

The reporter pressed further: “Do you believe that they’re the ones who instigated the fighting?”

Thomas answered: “We did have mutually combating individuals in the crowd.”

Apparently, Lemon wasn’t aware of any of this.  Or worse, maybe he was aware of it and simply didn’t care because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

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After all, this is the same network that cheered a HuffPost writer who falsely outed an Arkansas professor as being a participant of the “Unite the Right” rally.


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