Clinton family staging a comeback — Will Chelsea run for office or not?

Chelsea ClintonIt was confirmed in The Hill that Chelsea Clinton is going to run for office in the state of New York. She just has to decide whether it would be a House seat or Senate. The Hill reports:

She is not running,” said Bari Lurie, who serves as Clinton’s chief of staff, her only aide at the so-called “Chelsea office.” (She has yet to replace a spokesperson who left after the presidential campaign ended.)

So how is a denial of running confirmation that she is? Because no one ever suggested she would until her “office,” oh, excuse me, the “Chelsea Office” denied it. Another sure sign that she’s running is the revelation that she has a “chief of staff.” Chief of staff? You poor dear, you. Don’t you need a staff before you hire someone to chief the thing? She actually had a spokesperson too so instead of having the chief of staff be a spokesperson…you know, never mind. It’s like a five year old dressed up like a cowboy only there’s no pretending.

What does she do for a living, anyway? Well, she works at the Clinton Shakedown Foundation and that keeps her pretty busy, I guess. Also she teaches class at Columbia University. She teaches Mathematics…no she doesn’t. She teaches Literature, nope. History? Law? No. No. Running out of subjects? She teaches “global health governance.” It has something to do with health, the earth and government all mixed together somehow. She even wrote a book on it. No, that’s not faked up news, she actually did.

Chelsea’s corrupt mom, Hillary, is going to run for mayor of New York City. This comes from another aw-gee-shucks report leaked by Hillary in TMZ. She’s never run a town before nor has she ever lived in the city she wants to run. Doesn’t matter, right? All you have to do is know liberalism and for New Yorkers that’s good enough — just like her part time working daughter can have a chief of staff without a staff and no one thinks that’s the least bit silly. Never underestimate the amount of farce a person can get away with just by being liberal. The current mayor is a lunatic lefty of a liberal and he’s married to a lesbian. I know, I know. Perfectly normal. No one is laughing, it’s all good. Don’t hate. But don’t laugh either.

In the meantime Hillary, right now, I mean right this minute, is doing something utterly and totally corrupt. It isn’t necessary but it will have its advantage. I know this because we’ve been through this before. She’s in the midst of corruption somewhere and it will be discovered and it will become a campaign issue but to the detriment of her opponent because he will be tagged by the press as a sexist Trump-like figure who’s always like so negative and stuff who always brings up old news.

I can’t wait.


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