Chinese Nationals Being Let Into U.S. Via Biden’s Pathetic Open Borders Policies, Raising New Fears Of Espionage (Video)

(Natural News) Joe Biden’s handlers are hell-bent on destroying our country because that’s what leftist counter-revolutionaries do — they destroy existing, functional democracies and republics so they can replace them with authoritarian regimes.

This much is obvious based solely on the open borders policies they made Biden implement right after he took office.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, there have been 4,366 cases of Chinese nationals illegally crossing the Southwest border during Fiscal Year 2023, which started on October 1, 2022. And although those Chinese nationals account for only 0.42 percent of the total 1,029,953 illegal border crossings so far, it is of significant concern due to the rising tensions between the U.S. and China’s Communist government, as well as concerns over Chinese espionage, CNS News reported.

The number of CBP encounters with Chinese citizens at the Southwest border was only 13 in January 2021, the month Joe Biden took office. However, over a thousand Chinese nationals were encountered in both January and February of 2023, the report continued.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“These folks are over here to spy on Americans and to report back to China,” Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria” this week.

“As I stated many times, our research institutions, our colleges, and universities have been completely infiltrated by the communist Chinese. This is just another attempt. These people aren’t coming over here to work in migrant labor, they’re not working in agriculture applications, they’re not going to be working in motels.

“These folks are over here to spy on Americans and to report back to China. And this White House, again, as I’ve stated, has been completely compromised by just denying that this is even going on. And the numbers of people that we found on our terrorist watch list, the liberals will say, oh, the system’s working because we’re catching them. Well, hell no, the system’s not working because we don’t know how many we’re not catching,” he added.

The Tennessee Republican said he recently went to Del Rio, Texas, where Border Patrol agents are so overwhelmed they are processing upwards of 1,000 illegal immigrants daily.

“The processing center there alone is costing the taxpayers $16 million a month just to process these folks, and they’re going to be released into the — into America, and they’re not going to show back up for court. That’s ridiculous,” Burchett said.

“The whole thing is a scam. These people are anarchists that are running our country right now, Maria, and people need to wake up, because we are losing our country, and we’ll do it, and we’ll completely capitulate, and we’ll have — and when we have an incident with Taiwan, and they’re infiltrated within every aspect of our country, you’ll see riots, you’ll see a shutdown of our systems, and we’ve got to stop this,” he predicted.

According to Fox News, due to overcrowding in border facilities, many Chinese nationals who have illegally crossed the border are being released in the United States along with thousands of individuals from other countries.


To promote its global domination, China is sowing division between the United States and its allies.

“Part of the 100-year war for the Chinese is to divide those who are allied with the United States of America. Divide those alliances and then build trust with the other side. So, divide us from some partners that we had. And then they become their new partner,” retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael “Mike” Flynn told host Alex Jones during the March 11 episode of “The Alex Jones Show” on the InfoWars network.

“So how do they do that? They do that very, very shrewdly. They do that over time. And they have done that economically,” added Flynn, citing China’s huge economic plan called the Belt and Road Initiative.

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