CHAZ… CHOP… Whatever

chazSo… the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, with the snappy acronym of CHAZ, is now the Capitol Hill Occupied (or Organized) Protest, with the more aggressive acronym of CHOP. “But some folks are confused,” mused Jason Rantz of 770 KTTH Conservative Talk Radio. “We’re just not entirely sure what the ‘O’ stands for.” CHAZ… CHOP… Whatever. Why can’t the children of CHAZ/CHOP be more honest about what they are doing? Why not be bold and change the name to something that more accurately reflects their true objective? Say… Citizens Rebelling Against Police… Or, CRAP.

It’s amazing sometimes, to listen to someone on the left explaining something they say we should all believe in. The only trouble is, whatever it is they believe in is frequently the complete opposite of something they believed in only a year ago, a few weeks ago or even yesterday.

Take boarders, for example. Only four months ago, socialist leftists were protesting for open boarders and demanding the dismantling Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection. Now they want to dismantle police departments. Yet, as soon as they find themselves in a position of power over others, the fickle socialist leftists quickly establish a border around their newly established CHAZ/CHOP, complete with armed guards who demand that people – even residents – show an ID before being allowed to enter.

Maybe someone should ask the man-in-charge of CHAZ/CHOP these questions. He’s a rapper called Raz Simone, although he prefers to go by the title of “warlord.” Simone and his entourage are now policing the streets of CHAZ/CHOP, surveying his kingdom of burned out streets, assaulting anyone who dares to defy their orders and demanding that businesses and residents pay them a fee to maintain the new social order.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

It’s not a rave. It’s not a festival,” one occupier insisted. “It’s decent, honest, hardworking people that don’t want people getting hurt by the people that are supposed to be protecting them. The whole thing is hopeful and scary.”

virginia protestersOf course it is. It’s especially scary for the business owners are being told they have to pay the new rulers of CHAZ/CHOP to avoid “getting hurt by the people that are supposed to be protecting them.”

It’s called extortion – known also as “pizzo” or “protection money.” It’s the tactic used by other patriot groups, like the decent, honest, hardworking people of the Sicilian Mafia to produce the funds necessary to maintain control over others.

But I guess it makes sense. Now that these self-appointed rulers of CHAZ/CHOP have a 6-block area of Seattle Washington to take care of, they must have figured out they’re going to need money to do that.

I mean, they’re going to have to eat, and keep the lights on… and keep the water flowing when they flush a toilet… Oh… and they’ll need toilet paper. But that’s an easy fix. Right? Maybe they’ll just confiscate toilet paper from the residents who greedily horded it before they were quarantined to their homes a month ago under strict social distancing rules.

But it’s all good. According to Isaac Scher of Insider, the patriots of CHAZ/CHOP have set up tents, free food, art-making, and rallies. Films are even being screened with a projector in the evenings. It’s now such a beautiful place to visit, I’m sure it will continue to be a popular destination spot for many vacationers this summer.

After all, like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said: “It’s the summer of love.”

“The occupants seek to prove that the community can operate without a police department at all,” Scher said.

Well, that’s good to know. After they prove their “community can operate without a police department at all,” they should teach the patriots in Los Angeles how it’s done. Since patriots began flooding into their community, homicides went up 250%. In Minneapolis, neighborhood groups have taken up arms to defend their businesses after police all but disappeared from their city.

“It’s clear @realDonaldTrump doesn’t understand what’s happening on five square blocks of our City,” Durkan said in a series of tweets published late Thursday.

“Lawfully gathering and expressing first amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society and provide true equity for communities of color is not terrorism – it is patriotism,” she chastised.

Yeah. Burning, looting, assaulting anyone who dares to complain. That’s a much better way to provide true equity for communities of color… and if you don’t like it, screw you!

“The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone #CHAZ is not a lawless wasteland of anarchist insurrection,” she said from her safe-space, surrounded by armed security – “it is a peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world.” CHAZ… CHOP… Whatever. It’s all CRAP.

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