CBS: Muslim claims Trump’s Words Will Move American-Muslims To Violence (Video)

01-20150511eNews_The-Nature-of-Homegrown-TerrorAppearing on a segment of the CBS Sunday morning political interview show Face The Nation, pollster Frank Luntz hosted a panel of 16 American-Muslims.

During the course of the segment, Luntz ask some very frank questions regarding the Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and received more than a few equally frank answers.

A hot button topic for just about every voting demographic, Luntz asked of the assembled followers of Muhammad their take on Trump’s call for a temporary ban on allowing Muslims to immigrate into the United States, if elected.

One woman who identified herself as a mother, stated she encouraged other Muslim parents not to watch the Republican debates with their children present. Her rationale being that she feared for her children “subjected” to expressed thoughts and opinions that “psychologically impacts them”.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Despite the assembled panel members obviously ranging from races and ethnicities from the Indian sub-continent to the Balkans to the Middle East to sub-Saharan Africa, the same woman repeatedly referred to any negative opinions of Islam as racist. However, there is no Islamic race.

institutes of higher learning ranging from Cairo’s Al-Azhar University to Britain’s Oxford University agree that Islam is in actuality a simultaneous blend of distinct theological, political, legal, cultural and philosophical systems.

When Luntz ask the panel to approximate how many Muslims they personally believe could pose a violent threat to the county, the question posed was answered with the qualifier of “in America, maybe less than 1 percent.”

Yet another panel member plainly stated that “If Trump continues doing and he’s elected president that number, whatever it may be, will skyrocket.” Of the other panelists, it appeared that only seven openly disagreed with him. The remainder were conspicuously silent.

As the same panelist who opined that Trump’s proposal very well could incite even more of his fellow Muslims to embrace violent Islamic jihadism, he specified that Trump is “driving and fueling anger amongst Americans and abroad.”

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