Cal State Dominguez Hills Dance Recital Racist Against Whites?

dominguez hills

We were contacted by a white student at Cal State Dominguez Hills, who was extremely upset after watching a dance recital at the University theater. She stated that the dance was blatantly racist toward Caucasians, and made her feel unwelcome at the University.

The recital was held on the evening of May 5.

The student sent us this report of events. It reads in part:

“The start of the dance recital was good but after the intermission I watched a dance performance that I will remember for the rest of my life. I will never forget how Dominguez Hills showed me true hatred of the Caucasian race.

After the intermission, the curtains opened. The dance began with four Hispanic women and one African American woman; they had each painted their faces white. One Hispanic woman in the performance did not have her face painted. The women that had their faces painted bright white, portrayed the Caucasian race, and the one Hispanic girl who did not have her face painted portrayed the Hispanic race, the first example of prejudice. My face began to turn red, burning with confusion, distress, and shock. I could not believe what was being performed on the stage.

I continued to watch the recital while my eyes began to water with tears, the dance continued as the white-painted Hispanic women began to portray the Caucasian race negatively. The white-painted colored women began slapping the Hispanic girl, pushing her, ridiculing her, laughing at her, kicking her while she was laying on the floor, and putting her down. The Hispanic women grabs for the white paint, putting it on her face, as the white-painted Hispanic women run over to her and slap it off her face. In other words, claiming she cannot be equal to white people because she cannot wear white skin like them. At the end the Hispanic women climbs the “wall” and falls backwards, but none of the white-painted Hispanic women catch her, portraying that white people do not support people of color.

The curtains close, I hear my peers, faculty members, counselors, and students begin to cheer loudly and applaud… I was completely embarrassed to be sitting in a crowd as a Caucasian women, the minority at Dominguez Hills, as the dance portrayed the message to me and my mother if you’re white you’re not welcome at Dominguez Hills dance theater. I felt completely discriminated against. I left the recital.”

The message? Whites are racist, whites aren’t welcome?

So what is the message of that dance performance? Dominguez Hills’ student body is primarily Hispanic. Interpretive Dance is just that: interpretive and done from the perspective of those who are performing it.

The problem – if the view is that all whites are vicious racists, that is not a correct view.  America can never heal from any form of racism if these types of thought patterns continue.

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The student told us that she has been in classes where the teachers have not only run down whites, but police, the government, Catholics, and of course, Conservatives.

We reached out to the President’s office at the University on May 8 and asked if they had released a statement on the dance. Although they promised a return phone call and took our phone number, they did not respond by the time of publication, nor have we seen a statement on the performance.


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