CAIR: Muslims ‘uncomfortable’ in America’s ‘free’ society

CAIRPresentsNewBookTundraTabEvery once in a while someone says or tweets something that exposes their truly heart-felt opinion.

Such was the case Tuesday when CAIR issued a tweet saying Muslims are uncomfortable in America’s free society.

The tweet links to an article at the Asian Tribune that attempts to show just how bad Muslims have it in the United States.

The tweet didn’t sit well with most people.

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Indeed.  In fact, ISIS, or what is now called the “Islamic State,” has instituted a brutal form of sharia law and now wants to spread it around the entire planet.

There’s more than a grain of truth in that statement.  A number of Muslims — including many who live in the United States — have expressed disdain for the First Amendment right to free speech and have actively campaigned to end it.

Some gave CAIR a simple solution: