British GQ writer asks if Obama could murder Trump, Pence, then pardon himself

GQ Rupert Myers murder Trump
Myers — YouTube

On Wednesday, Rupert Myers, a political correspondent for British GQ and the Telegraph, thought it would be a good idea to openly ask if Barack Obama could murder President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence and then pardon himself.  The tweet didn’t last very long, but it was captured for posterity:

myers murder Trump

Good question.  Myers claimed that his unhinged tweet was taken out of context and that it was just a joke.  Apparently, liberals think murdering a U.S. president is funny.  Myers told Daily Wire contributor Harry Khachatrian:

However, Elliot Hamilton said at the Daily Wire, “upon this article’s initial publication, he did not apologize and doubled-down on his ‘joke’ that Obama could get away with murdering Trump and Pence.”

Twitchy weighed in:

Ah. So it’s readers’ fault for failing to get his crappy “joke.” Myers didn’t delete the tweet because he felt bad about it; he did it because he didn’t like being called out for his jackassery.


Myers claimed:

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But that’s not what he asked.  He specifically wondered if Obama could murder the top two members of the incoming administration, something that would normally prompt a visit from the Secret Service.


According to his personal website, Myers is “a barrister, and writer.
He has written about society, culture, politics and the law for most UK publications and appeared across all major television and radio networks in connection with his writing.”

For those not familiar with the term, “barrister” is another term for “lawyer.”  As a lawyer, Myers should know better than this.  Apparently, he doesn’t.

In February 2011, I first said that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Sadly, liberals like Myers prove that assertion correct on just about any given day.

Exit question: Does GQ approve of this alleged “joke?”


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