Bringing a Rock to a Gun Fight: Pennsylvania School Has a Plan to Arm Students


Pennsylvania – Remember the old adage about bringing a “knife to a gun fight?” This school district is planning to use rocks. Blue Mountain School District Superintendent Dr. David Hensel says he wants to arm students to take down an active shooter. With rocks. So as a “last line of defense,” he has equipped each classroom with a five pound bucket of river rocks. So the kids can stone an active shooter. It’s actually a great way to get more students killed.

The Blue Mountain School District, instead of arming staff members, did install more cameras and security devices on classroom doors. But they also put a 5 lb bucket of rocks in each classroom, thinking that they will “inflict pain” on a shooter. Actually, before the rock even gets out of  a student’s hand, they will be dead.

On Twitter, some people thought the story was satire at first. Nope.  It’s the product of a guy with a PhD in stupid. Although he does acknowledge it wouldn’t be a “fair fight” and would only be a “last line of defense.” How about a FIRST line of defense with armed staff?

Maybe he approves of what they did in Pennsylvania. They’re putting buckets of rocks in the classrooms to throw at school shooters. Unbelievable, aren’t those high capacity buckets?

PA school supt supplying classrooms w/BUCKETS OF ROCKS to THROW @ armed intruders: “If someone can provide a better last-ditch response…then I would be open to any idea.”

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Pennsylvania School District opts for Caveman Defense for to Secure Schools… a Bucket of Rocks

This isn’t a joke, is it? “The superintendent of the Blue Mountain School District is in the spotlight after telling lawmakers in Harrisburg his students protect themselves against potential school shooters with rocks.” Courtesy of @WGNTV

So in short, dont send your kids to Blue Mountain School District in Pennsylvania.

Buckets of rocks are Pennsylvania schools’ last defense against shooters, one of the measures that Blue Mountain School District has put in place this academic year, along with security cameras, secured building entrances and fortified classroom doors…

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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