Boy soldiers of Allah; torture, execution for those who refuse

isischildsoldiersWhile it’s arguable that the majority of children in the Western World would consider their parents taking away their iPhones for more than a day as cruel and unusual punishment, children in the ISIS occupied regions of Syria and Iraq could only wish their lives were as pampered.

As reported by Evan Williams of Great Britain’s Channel 4 news service on Oct. 1, 2015, the ISIS terrorist organization is literally giving children an offer they can’t refuse.

Perhaps taking their cue from the 14th century Muslim warlord Tamerlane, who was known for his penchant of butchering a lone villager to keep the rest of the village in line, present day ISIS has somewhat modified his method ensuring domestic tranquility. As reported by Williams, ISIS operatives in Syria have no reservation whatsoever leaving a child who refuses to saddle up with the jihadists “in driving pain, poverty and despair for the rest of his life”.

Case in point was a boy identified only as “Omar,” who actually screwed up enough personal courage to refuse the demands of the local Islamist militia. But to let other children in the area understand they were no one to be trifled with, they tied Omar down, then proceeded to hack off a hand and foot.

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As reported, the example of Omar’s searing pain and sheer terror served its purpose. No one says no to ISIS, especially the children. Williams also made a point of citing the normality of life in the ISIS caliphate as a soldier of Allah: At least by the age of 16…



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