Bowe’s Release: The Truth Exposed…Part 1 of 3

bowe2 behind prison door“The Qatari government has given us assurances that it will put in place measures to protect our national security.”

– Barack HUSSEIN Obama at Saturday’s news conference where he announced the release of Bowe Bergdahl

Our past presidents have always stood strong in saying that America does NOT negotiate with terrorists…but now it seems that America under this president does indeed negotiate with terrorists for this past Saturday Bowe Bergdahl’s long-hoped for release from five years of captivity at the hands of the Taliban was secured by doing just that.

Bowe’s release (to American Special Operations forces inside Afghanistan near the Pakistan border) was attained in exchange for five GITMO detainees who will now be free to rejoin their comrades in the killing of Americans…five enemy combatants exchanged for this one American who will now come home NOT only to parents who love and cherish him, but to a nation who while celebrating his release questions NOT only the circumstances of that release, but who questions the circumstances of his very capture.

And Bowe also comes home to a question of timing for was his release timed as a PR stunt by this administration’s media machine to divert attention away from the scandals Barack HUSSEIN Obama is awash in…timed for yet another photo-op and self-gratifying pat on the back…timed to make Obama the hero in Bowe’s release in the same vein that he made himself the hero in the ‘supposed’ take down of Osama bin-Laden.

But that is one question I think we all know the answer to.

bowe's parents with obamaAnd of course upon hearing of Bowe’s release Obama, as if right on cue, was quick to arrange a televised photo-op with Bowe’s parents where he said America “leaves no man behind,” yet he calculatingly forgets the four he did leave behind…the four he and he alone sentenced to die in a hell-hole called Benghazi.

And Bowe’s story in and of itself is one of contradictions as Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was NOT captured on the battlefield, thus some are claiming he left base camp on June 30, 2009 of his own free will after finishing a guard shift at the combat outpost in Afghanistan’s Paktika province where he was stationed, then turning up with the Taliban a short time later. Others say he just went for a walk near the base camp in a supposed secure area but was captured during that walk. The answer to that will NOT be known until he is debriefed…and know that Bowe will be questioned like few before him have been.

bowe1...before and afterOne scenario is that if Bowe had voluntarily went to the Taliban they would have used his desertion in a propaganda campaign bar none…and they did NOT because they could NOT. And if one studies the few pictures released of Bowe over these five long years one can clearly see his deteriorating physical condition, and that would NOT be the case if Bowe had become one of the Taliban’s own.

The other scenario…and I hope this is NOT true…is that Bowe went AWOL, converted to islam and now according to some reports…including that of a Taliban deputy district commander…is alleged to have been teaching the Taliban fighters bomb-making skills.

But neither scenario changes the fact that Bowe’s release was secured by negotiating with terrorists…terrorists who have long demanded that those particular five be released. And now by meeting the enemy’s demands, and doing so by overriding the fact that Congress needed to be notified beforehand…which they were NOT…Barack HUSSEIN Obama has placed a bulls-eye on the back of every American troop still left in the Afghan war theater…as in capture one of ours and we’ll trade them for at least five of yours…and that is one place where this president should NEVER have gone.

bowe6 taliban releasedNow sending the Taliban an unmistakable message that we will do anything to leave the nightmare of Afghanistan behind, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has put a payable price on our leaving, and that price now dishonors all those brave American warriors who NEVER were given the chance to come home. And it also puts a bulls-eye on any and all Afghani’s who aided Americans in their quest to free Afghanistan from the hands of the very Taliban Obama now freely negotiated with.

Remember too that those five released from GITMO were NOT just ordinary Taliban fighters, as two of them were senior militant commanders connected to altercations that killed both American and allied troops. And one of those released is Mohammad Nabi Omari, a man with strong ties to al-Qaeda and the Haqqani network (one of Afghanistan’s most experienced insurgent groups with ties to the Pakastani security establishment and one of the deadliest threats to U.S. troops during the war). And two others released, Mullah Norullah Noori and Mullah Mohammad Fazl, have been directly tied to the murders of thousands of Afghani Shiites. But thanks to this deal, and after spending just a year in Qatar under the most questionable of security restrictions, including a mere one-year travel ban, they will be free to do what the Taliban do best…kill any and all who oppose them.

bowe4 bowe's father speaks in arabicA great trade this was NOT when the ramifications could very well come back to haunt… ramifications possibly fueled on because Bowe’s dad, appearing in the Rose Garden with Obama, said in Arabic a phrase routinely used by muslims in praise of allah, “بسم الله، الرحمان، الرحيم،”… translation: “In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful”…before speaking about his son’s release.

Why speak in Arabic…why address the American people in Arabic when one’s prisoner son was just released by those speaking Arabic…why…we need to know why…we demand to know why.

But when all is said and done, Bowe is finally free, but at a terrible price that comes complete with many mixed emotions…a price whose payment America will be making to the enemy for years to come for the Taliban have scored a propaganda victory as Barack HUSSEIN Obama bent to their will…or did he actually bend to the will of his own. And I dare NOT think of how our troops must feel knowing that five of the enemy…an enemy who killed so many of their brothers and sisters in arms…have now been released by their Commander-in-Chief to kill more of them yet again.

So unless new information comes to light proving otherwise…and it very well might…we should revel in Bowe’s release as one once left behind is now finally coming home.

In Part 2, running tomorrow, my good friend and RIGHT SIDE RADIO partner, Craig Andresen, goes into detail about Obama’s overriding Congress to secure Bowe’s release.

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