NRA’s LaPierre: ‘Opportunists wasted no time to exploit tragedy’


NRA’s Wayne LaPierre spoke Thursday to the Conservative Political Action Conference. (Screen capture, YouTube)

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre took the microphone Thursday morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland to accuse the gun prohibition lobby of exploiting the tragedy of last week’s Florida high school shooting to advance their anti-gun agenda.

“Opportunists wasted not one second to exploit tragedy for political gain,” LaPierre said, adding that Capitol Hill gun control proponents have been “eager to smear” the 5-million member organization.

He criticized people who have argued that armed security makes schools less safe.

“The whole idea from some of our opponents that armed security makes us less safe is completely ridiculous,” LaPierre told the appreciative audience. “If that’s true – and just think about this – if armed security makes us less safe, let’s just go ahead and remove it from everywhere. Let’s remove it from the White House, from Capitol Hill and remove it from all of Hollywood.”

He suggested that any American school that needs consultation on school safety should call the NRA’s School Shield program. He also contended that, “The elites don’t care one wit about school children. If they truly cared, they would protect them.”

LaPierre asserted that the Democratic Party is “infested with saboteurs who don’t believe in capitalism, don’t believe in the constitution, don’t believe in our freedom and don’t believe in America as we know it.”

He further argued that Barack Obama’s administration opened the door for “European-style socialists” to “seize control of the Democratic Party.”

“Obama may be gone,” LaPierre said, “but their Utopian dream marches on.”

He accused the socialists of creating “a growing segment of victims because socialism feeds off manipulated victims. You name the group and they will find a way to make them into victims.

“When you hear politicians who won’t fix the broken system talk about expanding it, don’t buy it.”—Wayne LaPierre

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They keep their movement growing by finding someone to be offended by something every minute of every day.”

LaPierre recalled how the Obama administration adopted rules to deny some Social Security recipients their Second Amendment rights.

He reminded the audience that it was the NRA that originally proposed the National Instant Check System (NICS). He criticized government for not including the names of criminals and crazy people on the prohibited list. NRA, he said, “demanded an honest system” that catches prohibited people.

He said what has happened instead is “one of the greatest failures in the history of American leadership.”

LaPierre accused politicians and the national media of dishonesty in the discussion of national firearms policy. He described anti-gun politicians who have prevented the NICS system from being improved “are liars to the core.”

However, he cautioned against allowing a system to be created that would include all medical records, including complaints of sleeplessness that might disqualify someone from being able to own firearms.

After criticizing government and higher education for allowing socialism to creep into the system, LaPierre told the audience, “Let’s be clear. We are never talking about an armed resistance against the socialist corruption of our government. We are always talking about a resistance armed with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights in our country.”

Wrapping up his remarks, he urged the audience to stand in defense of the Second Amendment, “the one freedom that protects us all,” and he recalled his remarks from five years ago following the Sandy Hook tragedy, “To stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun.”