BOMBSHELL REPORT…Delta Force was in Tripoli at the Time of Benghazi Attack

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This is unbelievable.  We didn’t have assets close enough to save Benghazi?  Since when is Delta Force and Green Berets considered nonassets?  I can’t wait to hear what crap democrats will put out to defend the traitor in chief this time.

The Washington Times reports that contrary to what Barack Obama and Leon Panetta have said, there were 8 special forces commandos in Tripoli the night of the attack, just 400 miles away.  They were made up of Delta Force, the country’s leading counterterrorism force and Green Berets.  Two of the Delta Forces volunteered to go to Benghazi, along with 5 private contractors.  Both have been quietly awarded medals for their bravery for turning back the attackers.

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