BOMBSHELL!!! Garland Texas Shooter Used a Fast and Furious Gun


110714bokloresIt was just revealed that the gun used by one of the gunmen in the Garland, Texas, Draw Muhammad Contest shooting, used a gun that was purchased in the Fast and Furious program.

Five years ago, Nadir Soofi walked into Lone Wolf Trading Company and tried to purchase a gun.  He knew that Lone Wolf was selling illegal guns and since he had a record that included drug and assault charges, he couldn’t purchase the 9mm he wanted legally.  He was notified that there would be a seven day waiting period to get the gun, but then mysteriously that waiting period was lifted the very next day.

Lone Wolf Trading Company was one of the gun shops that the feds allowed to sell illegal guns through the now infamous Fast and Furious program.  (Not to be confused with the Fat and Furious campaign of Rosie O’Donnell on The View)

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The program was allegedly set up so the guns could be traced to drug lords in Mexico.  It was a complete fiasco as the feds did not place tracing units in the guns, did not physically follow the guns or alert the Mexican government of what they were doing.

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