Bloomberg Businessweek bashes NRA as Dems take House control: Coincidence?

In a double-barreled media blast, Bloomberg Businessweek has unloaded a barrage of bad press against the National Rifle Association this week, at the same time Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives and immediately launched an effort to impeach President Donald Trump, according to Fox News.


As Democrats took back control of the House, the NRA came under fire from Bloomberg Businessweek and one Congressman will reportedly file articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, shown here with his son, Donald Jr. (right) and NRA officers Chris Cox and Wayne Lapierre. (Dave Workman)

Can all of this be a coincidence, or is it a full frontal assault right out of the gate by the left against two targets it despises?

On Wednesday, Bloomberg Businessweek published a report that the return of Democrat control in the House might help fill the NRA’s bank account. That organization and its members historically fight best from behind circled wagons, and with Democrats vowing to launch a new wave of gun control legislation, it makes sense that Second Amendment activists would start digging into their wallets.

On Thursday, the publication—which acknowledges in a prominent footnote that Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP, is a donor to groups that support gun safety, including Everytown for Gun Safety—published another story that some in the gun community might consider a hit piece. It discusses how the NRA is taking the gun rights battle globally, and how it opposed a UN Arms Trade Treaty that had been supported by the Obama administration.

But that is hardly news, since the international gun rights movement has been expanding for several years since the founding of the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR). Besides, one of the key players in that effort is a gun rights leader who heads two different organizations, Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).

Indeed, SAF may be as big a thorn in the side of the gun prohibition movement as NRA, having filed dozens of lawsuits against gun laws all over the country, including the “big prize,” Chicago’s handgun ban that was nullified by SAF’s 2010 Supreme Court victory in McDonald v. Chicago. NRA had a separate lawsuit challenging the city’s anti-gun law, but SAF’s case was the spear point and the ruling left anti-gunners seething.

Fox News is reporting that Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) is introducing articles of impeachment Thursday afternoon. NRA and its members have provided cornerstone support for Trump, and the president has appeared at the organization’s national conventions twice in a row.

But with Trump’s election, the immediate threat of restrictive new gun control went away, and some gun owners essentially folded their tents and declared victory. They took their wallets with them. However, the story acknowledged, with the renewed threat of Democrat action on guns—not just on Capitol Hill but in state legislatures—NRA activism could rebound fast. There would be a ripple effect benefitting other gun groups on the national and state or regional levels as well.

Now the battle is being rekindled by “the party of gun control.” The increasingly left-leaning Democrats could be making the same strategic error they have in the past by reaching for too much too soon. While trying to demonstrate to their liberal-socialist base that their election activism is paying off, House Democrats may be playing with nitro glycerin. The Senate is under stronger GOP control, and Democrat-sponsored legislation may be DOA so long as the House leadership has its anti-Trump, anti-rights fangs bared.


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