More blood will flow even as al-Maliki steps down

“I announce to you today that I am withdrawing my candidacy in deference to my brother, Haider al-Abadi, in the highest interest of the country.”
– Al-Maliki’s announcement that he would NOT seek a third term as Iraqi Prime Minister

As ISIS continues its march across the Iraqi landscape, the man at whose feet Obama has placed blame has announced that he is stepping down, but doing so on his own terms NOT on Obama’s…and doing so on the same day that Obama declared the ISIS siege that trapped thousands in the Sinjar Mountains to be over.

And so Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will step down. The man many feared would initiate a coup…the man who threatened to file a court challenge on the grounds that the procedure for choosing his successor was unconstitutional…the man who shouldered the brunt of Obama’s finger pointing and words of accusation that it was his Shi’ite-controlled government…a government overloaded with his Shi’ite brethren holding key command positions…that very man and his government became in the world’s eyes the cause of most of the ills that have befallen Iraq. And that man became the accused as the direct cause of the minority Sunnis sympathizing with the armed Sunni extremists…with the barbarians known as ISIS.

And with ISIS’ incursion into Iraq continuing to reach across wide swaths of the country, intense pressure was put on al-Maliki to step down…intense pressure from within his own Da’wa Party…intense pressure from different populist factions within Iraq itself…intense pressure from neighboring Arab countries… intense pressure from Iraq’s most revered Shi’ite clerics, and of course the most intense of pressure of all from the man Iraq’s collapse is really the fault of…from the man who, as always, must deflect blame off of himself and place it elsewhere…that man being Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Obama…the man who announced to the enemy the date when American troops would be leaving the country…the man who talks of helping but who refuses to ‘shock and awe’ the ISIS barbarians back into the Dark Ages… that man is indeed the main cause of the internal Iraqi tensions that have now reached a boiling point…a boiling point that reached critical level after the ISIS capture of Mosul in June, and after the collapse of four divisions of the Iraqi army…a boiling point that led to al-Maliki’s finally stepping down.

Haider al-Abadi has been named as his successor and is also a member of the Da’wa Party…the same Da’wa that has Obama’s brother Malik as the secretary of its so-called ‘charitable’ branch…the same Da’wa that Lois Lerner gave 501(c)(3) status to. However, on the plus side, Maliki’s decision to step down allows al-Abadi to form a new government…a government that might be more inclusive than Maliki’s…a government that many hope can hold Iraq together as they try to hold ground against the brutal extremist fighters of ISIS. And as Obama made it clear to al-Maliki that he ‘expected’ him to step down, he thankfully stopped short of making any future U.S. military support against ISIS a condition of him doing so.

And as the old saying goes, ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day.’

But isn’t it quite the coincidence that with al-Maliki now having just 30 days to serve as Iraq’s caretaker as well as its top military commander before he officially steps down… isn’t it odd that as soon as al-Abadi’s new government is in place that ‘suddenly’ there will be an increase in U.S. aid coming Iraq’s way. Coincidence I don’t think so as the words ‘political blackmail’ come to mind. “We are prepared to consider additional political, economic, and security options as Iraq starts to build a new government,” Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry said upon al-Maliki’s announcement.

A coincidence of convenience I would say…but what type of aid will Obama give to Iraqi’s new government as they continue to battle ISIS and try to save the innocents caught in their crosshairs. Will it be like Obama’s aid to the Yazidis trapped on Sinjar Mountain where he allowed the dropping of aid packages that became useless as they exploded upon impact… packages that were dropped minus parachutes that would have allowed them to land safely. And we know that aid won’t be a campaign of much needed ‘shock and awe’…that it will be a continuing of ‘limited air strikes’ because to do otherwise might ‘accidently’ cause collateral damage to the brethren…to the brethren that actually side with the barbarians…to the brethren Obama holds allegiance of sorts to.

So if NOT true aid needed what exactly will it be…it seems any aid forthcoming will be as counter-productive as Obama announcing our date of withdrawal…it seems it will be the counter-productive but the oh so politically correct withholding of much needed ‘boots on the ground.’ And we know whatever it is will NOT be anything of substance to protect Iraq’s religious minorities…to protect those NOT of the islamic persuasion… to protect those that for the first time ever the Pope says are in need of protection…in need of military protection. And what type of aid will be given to the Kurds from the north…the very forces that recently helped half of the Yazidi escape from their mountain ‘prison’ as that was done by the YPG, a Syrian Kurdish rebel faction, who crossed from Syria to help rescue them…will it be true military aid of guns, weapons, and rockets…I’m NOT holding my breath for that for I fear the best it will be might be a token weapon or two.

Sadly, the concept of what is true aid is NOT only lost on Barack HUSSEIN Obama but is a concept as foreign to him as the concept of leaving Americans behind to die is to us. We know true aid comes from America’s heart as America helps take care of the world…and does so as Barack HUSSEIN Obama helps to destroy it. And as Obama loses the peace that American blood was spilled for, the Iraqi people become the biggest losers of all…and America takes another hit to the gut by those out to kill us all.

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