‘Blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!’ Protesters interrupt Trump assassination play

On Saturday, Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported that a performance of Julius Caesar — modernized to depict the assassination of a character strongly resembling President Donald Trump — was interrupted by protesters supporting the president.

According to Starnes:

One protester, identified as Rebel Media’s Laura Loomer, stormed the stage and shouted, “Stop Leftist Violence.”

Another protester, identified as Jack Posobiec, rose to his feet and yelled, “The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands” and “Goebbels would be proud.”

Video of the incident was quickly posted on social media. It showed the crowd booing as an announcement was made that the show was briefly halted.

Loomer, Starnes said, was arrested and Posobiec was escorted out of the Central Park theatre complex.

“We were protesting what we saw was the normalization of violence,” he told Starnes. “I couldn’t believe they were going on with the play in light of what happened with the attack on Congressman Scalise.”

“This play was savage and brutal. He is stabbed multiple times, running around stage, crawling through blood,” Posobiec added. “It made my blood run cold seeing Americans cheering a depiction of their president being stabbed 100 times with 100 blades.”

Posobiec posted a video of the protest to Twitter.  Notice the booing from the audience:






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Loomer was released shortly afterward and issued a statement, saying that she does not apologize for interrupting the play:

According to Loomer, a statement will probably be released and posted within the next 24 hours.  A WeSearchr account was set up to help with Loomer’s legal defense, and supporters are using the hashtag #FreeLaura.

“This Manhattan Central Park crowd was on their feet cheering – they were cheering as an actor dressed as the president was stabbed to death,” Posobiec told Starnes.

While many supported Loomer’s actions, not everyone was impressed, Starnes added:

Not all conservatives are cheering the disruption.

“This is total, complete horse crap,” conservative columnist Ben Shapiro wrote on Twitter. “She invaded a public performance to obstruct it. She has no right to the stage.”

Loomer, however, would seem to disgree.

“They honestly want a full-blown civil war,” Loomer said, speaking of liberals supporting the depiction of Trump’s assassination.


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