BLM Terrorists Threaten To Dox Officers And Kill Their Families (Video)

For the people who spout off about ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘fire in a theatre’, this here is an ACTUAL incitement to violence.

The context of this video is a man in a microphone calling for the crowd to take specific action against the police. This is not random, or rage-inspired.

He has an explicitly dangerous idea, including specific steps. He is calling on a crowd to act on his idea, an idea that can result in grave personal harm — and, in the context of this video that harm is exactly the point.

He is crowdsourcing his plan to others, an action which might distance him from taking direct action, giving him the coward’s hope of involvement with plausible deniability.

Here is the video.

Not the Bee is the Babylon Bee’s real news site, for crazy stories like this one that are NOT satire.

Here is what was said in the video. The voices you hear are one male and one female agitator off-screen. Neither the guy in yellow nor the police were speakers at the time.

(Male voice to the police) “We gonna make y’all move too.”

(Same male voice to the crowd) “I need everybody to go to the Brooklyn Center Police Page, website, and go through the officers that are on duty… find their names.

Then you put it into Facebook and you put it into Instagram. Then you start taking screenshots of their family and who they are.

That’s the reality. We’re gonna start getting their badges and start doing pull-ups to their house.

(Female voice) “They’re not gonna understand until they start getting popped too! And their kids, and their families! Once their kids and families start getting shot and killed too, then that’s when it’s gonna make a difference. Period.

It should go without saying how stupid, short-sighted, and ultimately dangerous this kind of escalation would be… potentially unleashing untold hell on the entire city and nation, helping nobody but the nation’s foreign enemies, and hurting everybody, including the people these bloodthirsty activists pretend to care about.

This, on the video, is the unvarnished language of a domestic terrorist.

We look forward to the formal denunciation of these unknown persons by the local and national leadership within the multi-million dollar BLM movement together with the formal declaration that you do not support, endorse, condone, or in any other way excuse or justify the sort of violence referenced in this video. BLM, as we know, has already been connected to these protests by images we have all seen by now of people waving the BLM flag while standing on top of police cars.

Regardless of whether BLM makes such a formal denunciation of these unknown persons and their call to violence, we look forward to the DOJ taking every bit as enthusiastic an interest in this case as they did in the exposing and investigation of anyone even remotely connected to the events of January 6th. We expect the DOJ to begin looking deeply into the motives and actions of all involved since explicit threats against the lives and families of civil servants have been taken very seriously from January 6th until now.

If BLM chooses not to explicitly denounce this violence, I look forward to the political activist groups on the Left distancing themselves from BLM and their activists, and denouncing them with the same passion that they denounced participants in January 6th, because the left and the media have made it abundantly clear that they enthusiastically oppose any and all violent action taken against the state, or its officials.

If they choose not to explicitly denounce this call to Dox, terrorize, and murder law enforcement, their families, and their children, we fully expect that they will be stripped of their charitable status, and will be examined as to whether they might be more properly classified as domestic terrorism, particularly since their founders have called themselves ‘trained Marxists’ and we are well aware that Marxist political theory is explicitly revolutionary.

Sadly this is the action we would WANT all relevant parties to be taking in response to such an egregious threat on the families and children of public servants, whoever they might be.

What actually WILL happen?

That would depend on the creativity of those patriots wanting to push back against such toxic and dangerous groups.

Options would range from class-action suits and starving them of their activist money, labeling them as domestic terrorism, to flagging social media, to shaming corporations who have given money to people who will not denounce those in their midst who explicitly call the murder of families and children.

Get creative. They sure have. And there’s a lot on the line for us to get this one right.

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