Black Lives Matter Claims First 2 Victims…More to Come

193Black Lives Matter has now led to two deaths and I fear this is only the beginning.  Black Lives Matter is a group that sprung up from a lie in Ferguson, Missouri.

The lie is their motto at the time of, “Hands up, Don’t shoot.”  This is in reference to the lie told about that hoodlum, Michael Brown.

The story started with a liar, who swore that Brown was shot in the back and had placed his hands in the air in surrender.  Forensics in the two autopsies, including one conducted for the Brown family, proved that the narrative started by Brown’s friend and pushed by the media was false.

The autopsies proved that Brown was not shot in the back and could not possibly have had his hands in the air.  In fact, the autopsies matched the story that Officer Darren Wilson told.  Even the Eric Holder Department of Injustice found that Wilson’s story was backed up by facts.  This did not stop NFL players, actors and actresses, liberal politicians and other numb skulls from perpetuating the lie.

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