Black Conservative: “Dems Cry ‘Racism’ To Keep Black Americans Brainwashed”

Black Conservative: “Dems Cry ‘Racism’ To Keep Black Americans Brainwashed”
Black Conservative: “Dems Cry ‘Racism’ To Keep Black Americans Brainwashed”

Ginni Thomas, the wife of US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas recently interviewed Jesse Lee Peterson, about a host of issues including how the Democrats charm black voters with racism and keeping them brainwashed.

The interview with Peterson also pertained to how Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, and Democrats who use ‘racism’ to demoralize and keeping blacks in a perpetual state of anger and blame in order to maintain power and wealth.

The Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference ended Sunday, and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a former Democrat who grew up on an Alabama plantation, named the Congressional Black Caucus one of many “race hustlers” that works to “keep black Americans angry and demoralized for power and wealth to themselves.”

“They keep them in a state of anger and confusion so they can use them for their personal gain,” Peterson said. Other named “race hustlers” are President Barack Obama, the NAACP, many black preachers, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and more.

Peterson believes Obama’s legacy will be “a failure. He’s a socialist. He has not impacted the lives of black Americans for the good.” He continued, “He will go down in history as the worst, the most resented president we have ever had thus far.”

Asked to react to former President Bill Clinton’s claims that Republican nominee Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” message is a dog-whistle to southern white racists, Peterson pointed out, “Bill Clinton is a liar.”

He said Democrats throw the word racism around to keep black Americans “brainwashed and dumb-downed and angry just to get the vote.”

Video interview at the Daily Caller.

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