Bill Maher Says Sudden Clean-up in San Francisco for China is Proof That Trump is Winning in 2024

IT is nothing new under the sun that the CHI-CHOMS have been embedded within every entry point inside America — most deeply, into academia/media/cultural/and every attendant sphere. Comparatively, they make the Russians appear like amateurs. Pikers.

DEAR reader, what exactly is the role of CONFUSCIOUS INSTITUTES? You decide.

IN point of fact, the following report recently exposed mega funders/money launderers for the CHI-COM regime. Incontestably, they have infected the heart and soul of America. Indeed, they are still operating from strength to strength. Mind you, none of the top-tier within the body politic (and unelected elites) dares to close them down and lay charges commensurate with their sabotage/espionage/treasonous crimes against the nation!

IPSO FACTO, a natural knock-on-effect is the absolute kow-towing that the DEEP STATE MAFIA extends to “all things Chinese”, as well to whatever anti-American foreign demand they exert.

AS such, SAN FRAN’s hellhole was cleaned up, to a spit and polish shine, that is, to impress China’s Communist dictator, Ji! No doubt, using said make-over as a template, it stands to reason that the countless cesspools across America could be restored to their former glory, that is, if the leaders have enough “incentive.” Hmm.

FOR added context and outrage, the following slap in the face and national disgrace,


YES, the jig is up.

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Mike LaChance | November 18, 2023

When leaders in California and San Francisco cleaned up the city for the arrival of China’s communist dictator Xi Jinping, the game was up and the mask had come off.

Suddenly, people in San Francisco and other Americans all around the country could see that the city could have been cleaned up at any time. The leaders there just chose not to do it.

What an insult to the public. Even Bill Maher gets it.

FOX News reports:

Bill Maher says Dems’ last-minute San Fran clean-up for Xi is a sign that ‘Trump is winning’ in 2024

“Real Time” host Bill Maher connected the dots between the Democrats’ abrupt clean-up of San Francisco ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit and former President Donald Trump’s potential election victory in 2024.

“I want to try a theory out on you why Trump is killing it — not just within the party, but he’s beating Biden heavily too,” Maher kicked off the panel discussion on Friday. “Because Xi, President Xi of China, came to our state this week and met with Biden up in San Francisco, and they had a little summit.”

“And they did something very interesting in San Francisco. I mean, I have done many, many jokes as many comedians have about stepping and poop in San Francisco and, you know, it’s a city that needs to be put under control — so they did! Because Xi was coming! Put aside the fact that you only clean up with company coming over?” Maher quipped. “OK, so they cleaned it up, they rinse off the street, the homeless, you know, God forbid the guy who sends us the fentanyl sees somebody on fentanyl.”

“This, to me, is why Trump is winning, because he talks about, ‘I’m going to open up the mental hospitals.’ Again, I’m not saying these are necessarily a good solution,” Maher continued. “When he talks, ‘I’m gonna put people in camps, the immigrants,’ all this kind of stuff, and people just see a place — a country, especially in the cities that look out-of-control. And the fact that the Democrats could control it for three days, how about making it permanent?”

Bill Maher is not a conservative. He is trying to be a canary in a coal mine for the left. He is terrified that Trump is going to win in 2024.

Unfortunately for Bill, his party is probably going to ignore him.

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