Bill and Hillary Are Ordered to Give Depositions Under Oath

crooksThey want us to tell the truth?  The hell you say!

Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, former president of Judicial Watch and former federal prosecutor has successfully convinced a judge that he has a legitimate case against the Clintons for illegal actions covered by the RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act.  The Washington Times has seen documents that say that Hillary is required to give her deposition on the morning of July 28th and Bill on the morning of July 29th.  Klayman claims that the Clintons made money from donors who were breaking the law by selling goods to Iran despite the sanctions against those sales.  Klayman further claims that Hillary covered up her crimes by erasing her emails and scrubbing the server.

This creates an extremely dangerous situation for the Clintons.They have to give depositions under oath, facing the penalties for perjury.  They have no idea what Klayman knows or can prove.  We know from history that both are prone to lying under oath.  Should they lie in the deposition and Klayman can prove it, it’s a disaster for Hillary 2016.  This is not like lying to Congress, a group totally devoid of cojones.  Klayman will definitely press for formal charges.  He may have several perjury traps set up for the Clintons and even if he doesn’t, he can ask Hillary anything he wants about her private email set up.  She can’t make the claim that she turned over all of her work emails, because it’s been established she didn’t send at least 15 and that others were altered before being turned over.

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